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  1. Chris Crew

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    I am looking for a more perfect solution to the gas tank---I want something that fits between the top bars. I started with a piece of 2 1/2 inch pipe and bent it to shape, but it doesn't have enough volume. I went with this one so I could start the break in.

    I also want to do better on the running lights--those are just field expedients from Harbor Fright.

    Goes faster than prudent for a 73 year old bike.

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  2. toolow

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    cool lookin bike
  3. DakotaLynx

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    Love the Patina and faded paint on this one. Has a kinda Rat-rod air to it. What are you using for the headlight though? Is that a recycled can light?

  4. Chris Crew

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    head lamp

    $2.99 harbor fright 8 led flashlight, an escutcheon from my plumbing spares box and a modified bike lock clamp

    a dab of the late Billy May's Mighty Putty, some friction tape and a shot of 98 cent rattle ball black spray from wallyworld brings it all together nicely

    the patina on the frame is earned by being a 1937 Cleveland Welding Corp All American bike, I faked the tank with some painting skills I gathered painting duck decoys