Second build on a 60's Sears Cruiser

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  1. Picked up this Sears Tank bike for 35$. I beleive it's a 63?
    I plan to have this motorized in 3 weeks. I have the frame finished, now I have to do brakes, clutch ect.
    I'm using a 148cc Briggs and Stratton 4 Stroke, single belt drive with suicide clutch. I removed the pedals, but will still be using the rear coaster brake. More photos will be up soon!

    Opinions? I am thinking of not repainting it, but leaving the Patina on it. It's heavily rusted, but it's a nice reddish rust. But you can still see the original pin striping and Sears logo's. So I was thinking of just polishing the chrome, repainting the plastic cap on the lights creme and getting some nice white walls and leaving everything else the same. or should I paint it?

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  2. wheelbender6

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    I would paint it but many prefer the original patina. It will make a great motorbike.
  3. LR Jerry

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    Patinas are only important if you keep it original. Since you plan to motorize make it look like it just rolled of the show room floor.
  4. Thanks guys! I may end up painting it Candy Red and Creme.
    I've finished motorizing it, just have to get a belt and run the throttle. I'll post pictures of the complete build soon

    Another question, I want to use the front headlights, anyone know of an LED Convertion for these bikes?
  5. Motorbike built on 1963 Sears Flightliner; Second bike- Arie-Elise

    So It's finished! I decided to keep the original cherry red. I found with time if I scrub it with fine steel wool and mineral spirits, the rust comes off to show the original red. Looks great. After some time of doing that, I'll clear coat it. I definately like the belt drive better than the chain on my first.
    I have named this one Arie-Elise, takes $1.54 to fill her up and that lasts me about 3 days of daily arrands! Cruises comfortably at 40mph
    Here soon I'm gonna figure out a front suspension and put some tires I like on em

    Any questions ask, any thoughts, tell em. Thanks!

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    A great looking build!

    I also like that '67 (?) Ford 100 pickup in the background of your first pic. Those were sweet trucks.
  7. Thankyou! Actually, surprisingly it only took 2 weeks and cost me only 35$

    And it's actually a 68, it's a longbed flareside, not many of those built. Straight 6, 3 speed on the column. Great truck!
  8. So I've been thinking back and forth and can't decide on whether or not to paint this thing. Because it has a great original patina from '63 with the Sears (as you can see in the picture) and the original white pinstriping. So I was thinking. What if I just paint the frame a flat red, and keep the rack, faux tank and chain guard the original red with pinstripping and repaint the light bezel creme then clear coat everything. I think that would look good, but what do ya'll think. Will it work, or look tacky
    That way my welds and changes are covered, but don't "pop" and I still have the great looking patina and pinstripping. Kinda half and half


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