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    Hello to my fellow DUI rs,DWI rs or whatever they call it in your neck of the woods. What a great way to get around on the cheap and there kinda fun,once you get all the bugs worked out. I live in Redondo Beach, about 35 min from Los Angeles. My bike is on a specialized frame, I had doublwall rims laced up to freewheeling hubs w wormtires and liners inside. I p/u a nice set of forks 25 us.66 HT motor is stock except for a pipe and gasket trimming. It is a pleasure to ride during rushour traffic as you weave your way past 20 cars. Sometimes you get a smile but mostly a look of hey you shouldnt be allowed to do that. I'm rambling, oh yeah top speed is 38 wish but I cruise w short burst of gas just keep it wound safe you be scanning 10 Sec ahead of yourself, BG out

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    yeah, riding between lanes is great fun. If them car drivers get air conditioning and stereo then I get the privilege of always getting to the front of the line when everyone is stopped at a red light!
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    Yeah but I miss my truck, its just that I've got a mountain of debt not to mention my license is suspended. The great recession kicked my butt and at 54 its hard to get a job I'm a carpenter l need 7 more years to collect my pension