see someone screwed it up for us in ontario



Man Critically Injured in Limited Speed Motorcycle Collision

On Thursday, August 28th, 2008 at 12:32 p.m., members of the Niagara Regional Police
Service and Niagara Emergency Medical Service responded to reports of a serious collision involving
a bicycle on Welland Street near Killaly Street East in the City of Port Colborne.
On their arrival at the scene Emergency Service personnel observed a 55 year-old male
resident of Fort Erie, Ontario lying on the roadway with apparent head injuries. Located close to the
male was a modified 21-speed mountain bike, which had been converted to a motor vehicle (Limited
Speed Motorcycle) by the installation of a small 47cc two-stroke gasoline engine.
Initial investigation by police determined that the motor assisted bicycle (converted bicycle)
was being operated northbound on Welland Street, while crossing the railroad tracks located north of
Killaly Street East the operator lost control of his vehicle and was thrown onto the roadway. At the
time of the collision the male operator of the Limited Speed Motorcycle was not wearing any
protective headgear.
The male was transported from the collision scene by ambulance to Port Colborne General
Hospital and later transferred to Hamilton General Hospital, where he remains in critical condition.
The identity of the operator is being withheld at this time.
This collision is under investigation by members of the Collision Reconstruction Unit and any
witnesses are requested to contact them at (905) 688-4111 ext. 5500.

The vehicle involved in this collision is a converted bicycle powered by a gasoline
engine, which is classified by the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario as a Motor Vehicle (LIMITED
SPEED MOTORCYCLE) and therefore anyone operating this type of vehicle, requires the
vehicle to be registered, plated and insured, also the person operating it must possess a valid
Ontario Driver's Licence, Class M2 or M with L condition and the operator must wear a
certified motorcycle helmet.
The Niagara Regional Police Service would like to remind the citizens of Niagara that before
they consider purchasing any type of motor vehicle or converted vehicle they must comply with all the
requirements under the Highway Traffic Act before it could be operated on a roadway. mvc.pdf
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Just a matter of time like it or not...I wonder how fast he was going?

No helmet? Genius material.
one of my co workers witnessed it and said the guy was pedalling motor was off so can't be more than twenty km'h ish

Strikes me that the info is incorrect regarding classification of the bike as a motor vehicle. If so, or if there is some other exception making MBc legal, it would serve the interests of the community were someone to write a letter to the editor of that paper correcting the mis-information.

Bad news, hate to see anyone injured.
And yeah, it's just a matter of time. The clock is ticking as all the kits, etc. get assembled and out on the roads. More riders, more incidents.

A point gets raised here about bikeing on an MB with the motor off. I do this often (rack mount) when I'm downtown making numerous stops or in places I just want to remain in stealth mode. I go unnoticed with the engine off, just a bicycle, kind of a novelty.

That'll eventually change I reckon. like rowing a boat with the motor up, in my state makes you still a motored boat.
I would write to the editor of the paper but that' the media release directly off the police force website
People get hurt everyday on regular bicycles, A accident like this with or without a motor is a common thing and we can't let public opinion or law enforcement forget that.
I don't see how that guy screwed anything up for anyone in Ontario. They didn't create any new laws or ban motorized bike in Ontario, did they?

I think motorized bikes should be relatively unregulated. No insurance, no registration, no license, no plates. Keep the speed under 20mph, minimum age 14, and require helmets for those under 17.

Accidents will happen and people will be injured and some may die. Everything we do has some inherent risk. While you don't expect to die hopping in your car and going a few miles down the road to the quickie mart, it is possible. We don't ban automobiles because of it. As mentioned, people get injured or killed on non-motorized bikes every day - it would be ridiculous to require licensing, insurance and registration for a pedal bicycle, wouldn't it?
accidents happen

Yes accidents happen all the time, I only had my bike 1 week and the front wheel got caught in streetcar tracks flipping me over to the side, I broke my finger and injured my shoulder.Luckilly for me it was not a lot worst as I did smack my head too but the helmet protected me. Yes I have learned from this experience and It will not happen again,and this is a warning to all bikers in the city to stay away from streetcar tracks they are really dangerous. Im more cautious and careful now, it hurts more at my age. Mac:cry: