Seeking for new skyhawk stage II new kit

I already have a motor - Honda GXH50 so I only need a kit and I know that the skyhawk stage II is popular, and good kit, which is fitting my motor.
If you have another kit who fits this motor I would like to hear :)
You heard my opinion before- I have that exact engine and kit. If a frame mount is what you want, stick with it.
What is it mean? I have only the engine, frame mount won't be enough. Because I need the gear box for manual clutch and the 56t sprocket and chain and everything...
I need a whole new kit
The kit is fine... I have one myself. Just put it on a quality bike so the bike doesn't disintegrate around the motor. used to sell just the kit without the motor but I don't see it on their site now. You might want to contact them directly and see if there's any way to buy just the mounting kit. Good luck. :)
I have contacted them already, they said they are out of it and they will get new kits without motor in a few month! which is a lot time for me
I have the kit with motor. Brand New for sale

I have a Brand New, in the box, Grubee Skyhawk 4cyl 50 cc Engine Kit FOR SALE. This one was purchased from BirdDog Distributors about 4 or 5 months ago. The kit is complete with motor and still in the box. I opened the box to check the contents when I received it. Just never got around to putting it on a bike. These are hard to come by, so the first guy who makes me a good offer, will be the lucky new owner. I am asking $350 plus actual shipping cost. You can contact me at: or Phone: (321) 768-1478.