Seems to be leaking?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Oddzball, May 12, 2011.

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    Sooo.. as i posted earlier.. i bought a used engine off a guy. Now the engine runs fine, but little did I know till driving it about 30 miles that it leaks like a sieve(SP?) from the crank cover screws and the exhaust gasket. black stuff all over the front of the motor under where the exhaust clamps on.

    GUy had it sitting for probably like a year so i asume the seals dried out?

    Engine APPEARS to run fine though, I normally work on cars and am used to a specific sound, i dont hear anything horrible, maybe a slight rattle but that could be any number of things...

    So its leaking from the screws, the float on the carb(I think) and the exhaust gasket.. where do i get new stuff or what should i do that is cost effective?

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    Is it leaking from the mag cover screws? If so then the crank shaft seal has failed on that side.
    Is it leaking from the clutch cover screws? If so then either someone has tried to lube the gears with oil which is not good (grease needs to be used on the gears) or the crank shaft seal has failed on that side.
    Sometimes the seals just pop out of their holes in the crank case and need to be re-installed. Sometimes a sealant such as Gas-ga-cinch needs to be used to hold them in place.

    A leaking exhaust is typically caused by a bad gasket (factory exhaust gaskets are garbage), a cylinder gasket surface that is not absolutely flat (most all are not as they come from the factory), or an exhaust system that is mounted at an odd angle to the gasket surface.
    The need to adjust the float height is not uncommon at all. Neither are floats with pinholes in them which let fuel inside the float which converts them into don't floats.
    Don't floats need to be thrown away and replaced with a good float.
    You can get all the parts you need from the vendors. I recommend:
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    thanks very much, I will check all these things out. I think i fixed my exhaust gaster, i made one out of auluminum which seems to be sealing.
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    Well while i am wating for a real exhaust gasket i actually made one. I took aluminum foil folded it over like 50 times, cut out the holes, added a little spray paint, and put it on, the amazing thing is it works great. Kinda redneck, but hey whatever works for now.
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    Gasket leak

    My exaust gasket the lower part of it blew out due to it not true flat surface. I also now always turn off gas valve by carb.