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    i got a call from my mate the other day and he said:
    "I brought a husqvarna mini bike(see attachments) and it ran but it only ran for 2 min then i could not kick it over again".
    Well knowing that he is a bit stupid and only buyid the bike from someone a few days ago he decided to try it yesterday and the old owner filled the fuel tank up he didint even cared about the fuel and just kick it over until it started
    When i got there i atempted to kick it over by hand slowly and it would not go so I got the flywheel cover off and tried by hand and it would not go:-/
    Then i just started to strip the bike and got the cylinder out and it was as good as brand new same as the rings but the piston had light scrufing(i belive it was from dirty air going into the engine because the air filter was really really really bad!)
    So all i can think off is that the piston seized but came lose after OR the main bearings are DEAD:icon_cry: and its causing it to get stuck every few turns, remember it ran with no oil so the bearings may have seized:eek: ( i havent seen that in a while and the engine is also the best quality)
    So what do you think is it?
    is it just seized and then got unseized when it cooled down or is it the main bearings or connecting rod bearing that died?
    AND i also want to know the fuel mix if anyone know please(I will run it 30 to 1 if no one know)
    G-Superior :sweatdrop:

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    Husqvarna is a good quality engine, I'd bet that the ratio would be the same as that of their other engines, and that would be 50:1 with THEIR oil. As far as seizere about the only thing you can do is fresh gas, and a little more oil then called for, say 40 to 45:1 on the first run. Most likely the bearings had some damage tho.