Self reving engine=airleak?

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    Here's my story.I have a well broken in Dax 70cc(1800 mi.)with most all the performance modifications.Lately it has developed a intermittent hesitation at the top end.I switched carbs,coils and plug to no avail.I'm almost certain the intake is sealed.I can't find any leaks with an unlit propane torch.Now all of a sudden when I come to a stop at low engine speed and pull in the clutch the speed of the engine quickly begins to accelerate.I checked my throttle slide and cable and all looks good,twist grip snaps right back.
    I started sniffing around and found this sight. Sound a lot like my affliction but **** if I can find a leak.I don't see any signs of leaking at the head,base or case gaskets and the seals look good.I guess I could buy a vacuum tester but I hate to spend the money and am hoping someone might toss me a clue.Thanks

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    Its not a leak it is a small amount of excess fuel leaking into the intake.
    Warm it up more.

    I also drilled and soldered my jet the super cheap local gasohol mix eats the solder after a while, and I need to re solder my jet when this happens.
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    Are you sure it aint your throttle sticking. Check your cable aint binding.

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