Selling Dimension Edge System sans engine

Hey folks, I just removed my Dimension Edge system from my bike and am going to reuse the engine for another setup. I am selling the complete Dimension Edge friction drive system except with no engine. It had a Mitsubishi TLE-43. Anyway, the system includes about 6 rollers, twist grip throttle, original throttle, all hardware, and original instructions.

I am open to just about any offers plus about $20 to ship to anywhere in the lower 48. You can reply or PM me.

Thanks folks.
Got the Dimension Edge today.

Shipping was fast and packaged well.

I feel I got a very good deal especially with all the extras I got, there was stuff in there that I'm not even sure goes to a bike :)

Thank you Ollicat for a good deal and I would recommend doing business with you.

Seanhan it's probably not my place to say what I got it for, but I believe it was a good deal, hopefully for both of us. :)

P.S. Not sure if I should make a new thread on some stuff I'm looking for but maybe it would be O.K. here.

I'm looking for a 72T or more chainring that would fit my USX trike. If anyone has one for a good price, please P.M. me.

Also looking maybe some kind of axillary gas tank or even gas can that would look cool on my trike.

Thanks JFK