Selling My Schwinn in Appleton, WI :(

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Donavan321, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Hate to see her go but I'm in serious need of some cash. I have about $750 into it including, parts, labor and fabrication. Has been ridden moderately. Has about 2.5 tanks run through it. Filled to top today with synthetic blend gas. Here she lies to rest for now I guess, clean her up a little and let her sit until she sells. The motor covers, tank and sprocket are painted blue, any unwanted paint can be removed with lacquer thinner WITHOUT damaging the original coat. I have tested this myself. I really need money and this entire build is less than 4 months old Looking to get $450 Cash which will include the bike, a lock and cable, Original NT carb with RED FILTER, spare fuel filter, 3 additional spark plugs(4 total) Has a light and speedo, email me for updated pictures at contact number is 920-422-4173 either by call or text.

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