Selling my two motorized Schwinns

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    I am selling two motorized Schwinn Jaguars (7 speed cruisers) I built. These are legally classified as Mopeds (motorized bicycles) so this is the correct category for them. No motorcycle license or insurance is necessary with these, no trips to DMV. They are legal on all MO roads and highways except interstates. You wouldn't want to take a 50cc bike on an interstate anyhow. They are fun and a great way to get your exercise. Light enough for a bike rack. Now for the specs.

    Over 100 mpg.

    30+ mph.

    These bikes have the accessories that make them enjoyable to operate. Lights, spedometers, upgraded exhaust and kickstands. Mirrors. They both are 50cc 4 stroke engines. These engines are super eco friendly and no mixing of oil. You pull into a gas station, fill, and go. Both bikes are about a year old. $600 gets you the bike with a Hua-Sheng motor, this is a Honda clone that has run like a champ, with only 200 miles on it. This bike has a 6v electrical system. For $100 more you can buy the bike with the Honda E-spec. It has 850 miles on it. Comes with a 12v electrical system including battery.

    I am going to throw in the keyword Scooter here.

    John (636) 697-3176

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    Hey, what gear box do you have on that 4 stroke?
    Do you have a pic or a link?

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    They have Grubee gearboxes/ kits on them. There is a pic in original post.