Selling My Whizzer Motorbike

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Hal the Elder, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Hal the Elder

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    I bought my new 2005 Whizzer in November 2008, with 0.7 miles on it.

    After owning "OSCAR" for 27 months, it now has 400 miles on the odometer.

    I'm selling it because I have lost interest in riding it.

    Here are the modifications I have made on the bike:

    1: Removed the intake restriction.
    2: Installed a free-flow muffler insert.
    3: Replaced the stock lifters with Mushroom Lifters.
    4: Advanced the valve timing one tooth on the cam gear.
    5: Re-Jetted the carb.
    6: (Here's the Big One!) Replaced the auto-clutch with a slip clutch!
    7: Had Quenton mill the head and scoop the combustion chamber.
    8: Replaced the front "squeeze brake" with an internal-expanding brake.
    9: Replaced the rear wheel with one with heavier spokes and a coaster brake.
    10: Replaced the stock bars with Riser Bars.
    11: Added a carrier to the rear fender.
    12: Added a tool bag to the riser bars.

    The bike may be seen and picked up at my High Desert home in Apple Valley, California.

    You may set a fair price.

    HAL the Elder

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  2. ibdennyak

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    Good to hear from you Hal. Just wondering where you've been a while back. Used to look forward to some of the dilemnas Oscar would put you through. Sorry to hear that you've lost interest, but it may be time to let some one else enjoy him. Good luck on your sale.

  3. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Hello Hal,

    Man, oh man, it's a good looking bike. Even if I'd lost interest in riding it I'd consider keeping it as simply a work of art.
  4. CJ5

    CJ5 New Member

    Is That 26 or 24 in rims?
  5. Hal the Elder

    Hal the Elder Member

    The rims are twenty-six inches in diameter.

  6. james65

    james65 Member


    What state is the bike located in?
  7. Hal the Elder

    Hal the Elder Member

    My Whizzer is located in the High Southern California Mojave Desert at 3000 feet altitude, in the Town of Apple Valley.

  8. tintor

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    is the beauty (wow) still for sale?????
  9. davidhuff

    davidhuff New Member

    Is this bike still for sale?
  10. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    David look at the dates of the other posts.
  11. davidhuff

    davidhuff New Member

    Sorry,I am new to this forum and I did not look at the posting of the dates.