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Most of you know OSCAR, the NE-5 Whizzer I've owned since buying it as an unsold 2005 model on November 1, 2008, with zero miles on the odometer.

Since owning OSCAR, I've logged a bit over 400 miles on him in 4 years and 2 months.

I want to sell him because I've bought a replica of another nostalgic machine from my high school days in the early 1950's: A Mustang Motor Scooter!

OSCAR has had good care and has had many modifications, by both Quenton and myself, which I list as follows:

Removal of the carburetor intake restrictor plate.

Re-jetting of the carb.

Replacing the stock muffler insert with one which has a 23% better flow.

Replacing the stock valve lifters with hard Mushroom Lifters, which were recommended by Quenton.

Replacing the stock camshaft with a WC-1 cam, recommended by Quenton.

Advancing the valve timing by one tooth on the camshaft gear, recommened by Quenton

Having Quenton mill the head and scoop the combustion chamber.

Replacing the automatic centrifugal clutch with a manual slip clutch. (My most satisfying modification!)

Replacing the stock wheels with Worksman wheels, with heavier spokes.

Re-formed the exhaust pipe to give an "upswept" look, which I've always admired since my old high school days.

Adding a package carrier and a tool bag.

These mods have created a truly "personalized" Whizzer, which now has the stuff to exceed 40 MPH, although I've only had it to 37.

I've got about $1500-$1600 invested, but I'm asking $1250 or best offer for this low-mileage, clean, well-cared-for Whizzer Motorbike.

Payment to be by Cash or Cashier's Check, no PayPal, please.

Thank You,
Harold Pollner (Hal the Elder)
Apple Valley, CA


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034.jpgHEY MARY,

Heck, I knew that your post was intended for Denton, but I just wanted to re-state my position anyway!

No offense! Let's have a drink next time you're in Fargo ND!

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