Selling Two Motorized Bicycles

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    I'm selling two semi new motorized bicycles. I'm looking to get around $800 total not for one bike but for both of the bikes. Both of them have 50cc motors and runs great. Reason why I am selling is I'm trying to get some money together for a down payment on a car and to have a little left over to build another bike. One of the bikes my second was built on a brand new bike frame while the other one was built on a frame that was lying around my house. That bike does need some work like a new pedal and chain for the basic bike functions. The bike still runs however the chain for standard gear box on the bike just does not work. My second bike that was a built on a brand new bike frame comes with a lot of extras like a wireless speedo, navigation bracket,and a headlight.

    If you think $800 is more than both the bikes are worth make me an offer. If you have any questions you can message me on here or email me at The buyer would have to pay shipping however if you are concern about the price for shipping we can try to work something out. The bikes are located in Alta Loma, Ca and for those of you who don't know where that is it is close to the Ontario International Airport in Southern California.

    Below are the pictures of the bikes. If you would like more message me or email me.

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    I would be willing to sell both for 700