Semi new members 2nd build. 1st was stolen.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ed Johnson, May 27, 2010.

  1. Ed Johnson

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    Hi. Thought id show how helpful all of your great information has helped me. 1st. build was stolen a month after it was finished. I sat and felt sorry for myself for awhile then gathered the parts for this one.. It is always a work in progress and i love tinkering around with new ideas. I hope it passes inspection..Thanks again.

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  2. professor

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    Hi Ed, looks fine to me. Welcome!
  3. Ed Johnson

    Ed Johnson New Member

    Thankyou Professor .. I learned a lot of what to and what not to do from this site in the last year...Now if i could just figure out how to keep spokes from breaking... ( think i may have my drive sprocket to tight. ) I soldered the copper header with a high tin content solder and copper plumbing fittings to mate my expansion chamber...People have said the solder would melt. Ive ridden for 5 hours straight @ 3/4 throttle and have no problems with my welds melting...Oh, also, the lights (5) are converted to LED ( book reading nite lights ) from old generator powered light sets...I just drilled the holes and JB welded the LEDs to the bezels...1.50 each. ( from Walgreens)..and they last forever...Recently a neighbor gave me what he thought was a '50s bicycle horn. It's actually a 1915-1924 plunger operated motorcycle horn. My next step is to enclose some of the frame with spare fenders, pop rivets & gutter tin.....I love these bikes !