Seoul Semiconductor P7 900 lumen LED

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by unior, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. unior

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    Does anyone have personal experience riding with one of these puppies at speed? The specs on this LED are impressive to say the least. 900 lumen is the maximum rating though and I kinda doubt they are driving it that close to the limit. It's powered by lithium ion batteries. This thing should seems like a good deal also...the complete package is $77.


    Read some reviews this thing is the ticket if you don't want a mini-SLA setup.

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  2. Rconce01

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    i rigged a projector style fog light hid bulb and ballast onto my bike with a .12v 5a sla battery and i get 45 min or run time.

    Total cost was $14 battery and $26 hid bulb/ballast and a $10 projector fog light off a lexus at the junkyard.

  3. MotoMagz

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    Unior,they are good lights for the money an you will not out run the light on your bike.But you could build yourself one using your 3.6 volt battery.I have a 900 lumen and it's a little to bright for on coming traffic.It runs on one 18650 3.7v battery a constant current regulator and it's mounted on a aluminum heatsink..I bought everyhing from dealextreme.
  4. unior

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    I would've used the p7 if I had known about it before I bought my ebay leds. 4 of them sorta cross over to 570 lumens. Althoug I know you can't directly convert from 380,000 mcd.
  5. MotoMagz

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    P7 Headlight P4 taillight

    Here is my setup.P7 headlight and P4 tailight ran off of a 700ma current regulator called a BuckPuck.They are hooked up to a RC 7.2 battery.The P7 is giving out 220 lumens @ 700ma which is barely scratching the surface of what this bad boy can do. The P4 is maxed out at 200 lumens @ 700ma.

    The bright lght in the middle of the one picture is from about 140 feet away.
    Still have to run wires and attach them to frame.

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  6. Fulltimer

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    I really like that light. I wonder how long a good quality battery would last in it?

  7. MotoMagz

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    Well..see the little black box inside the headlight housing,thats the BuckPuck.Max Input Voltage: 32VDC and minimum voltage: 5VDC.I'm using a 2800 mah battery.So I think I will get 4 hours out of it @700ma?? You just need more Voltage going in than going out.
  8. unior

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    4 hours is about right. 1000mah = 1 amp hour. Would you have a link to the buckpuck? I am using simple resistors but a constant current regulator would be much more ideal. I'd like to run off my 18v dewalt packs.
  9. unior

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    edit nevermind i read wrong
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