Seriously, What is this World coming to?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by machiasmort, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    I started this thread because there's a lot of other storys like this out there...

    I'd like some opinions on this one??? I'm just saying, I remember a day when if you stole something, your Parents gave you a Whoooopin'...

    Today, Parents seem justified in bringing the victim to Court...

    Where do you draw the line? This will be a good discussion, I'm sure!!!

  2. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    they have already started to chip animals and small children in select school districts with RFID tags.

    I drew the line there... this, IMO, is just a continuance of the progressive agenda.

    Start with cameras given to unknowing children and see how the reaction goes... they start with the children because adults wont have it. The adults are too smart and too experienced... heck, an adult is just as likely to find the code embedded in the software. Children are defenseless and innocent.... and the progressives know it.
  3. eastwoodo4

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    good to hear from you mort!

    on topic,i think their right to privacy went out the window when they were on a stolen laptop.
  4. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    I agree with both side of the argument but am twisted in the wind... The whole privacy issue troubles me but if I were a Parent, I'd tan my kids hide and then go after the school...

    This Country and it's Political leadership has bred this situation when they disallowed you from tanning your kids hide... JMHO...