Service Buletin - Magneto Modification


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Jul 23, 2012
when the wire on those old ones breaks at the top, I just solder a longer piece with a bend in it there so it can rock and roll without breaking

as a repair shop, I don't get to see them until after they break : (

good plan for home user tho


Thank you for your input. Appreciate it. Didn't know about the wire breakage either.


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Jun 24, 2016
I pot my magneto in epoxy and actually take it a step further, I mix 5 minute epoxy and put it in a small container in a vacuum chamber, with the magneto coil submerged I evacuate the air from the chamber for a minute or 2 (once the epoxy begins to boil) and then let the air back in, since the magneto is submerged and the air removed the epoxy is forced back into every little crevice that could have had air in it once the chamber is opened. I pull the mag out immediately afterwards so it doesn't bind to a large glob of epoxy. Once set I can remove excess material with a dremel.

The coil becomes as solid as it can be and waterproof at the same time. The method is probably beyond most people but does what this does, and I thought about it only because I had coils with those thin wires that broke too easily and wanted a damn good fixemup.