Service manua[ for HS142 4 stroke


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11:45 PM
Jul 26, 2023
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Hey y'all I've gone over to the darkside....had to, my 2 stroke can't hack the Las Vegas heat as I commute 30 miles a day. I will keep my 2 stroke for cooler{winter} riding and the 4 for the brutal daily ride . My new engine is a YJ-142FV a clone of the Honda , it did not come with a manual, I really could use a service manual if anyone has a link. I would really apperciate any advice on this engine,specs,recommended oil, performance tips,etc. Thank You and keep the rubber side down
If you want longevity in your engine: change the oil/check valve lashes every 25 hours of use. Clean the air filter every 10 hours of use. Only use a 100% ethanol free gas. Yes this means you need a tachometer/hour counter. At full throttle always make sure your engine is staying between 4500-6800 rpm. Always pedal assist when doing starts.

For that absolute best results build a shifter bike vs using a single engine driven ratio. If you do use a single engine driven ratio use a multi-speed bicycle instead of a single speed bicycle for the most efficient pedal assistance.

My 4 stroke RS 35 engine is 14 years old and still going strong along with still having it's original clutch. I weigh 250 lbs and live in the mountains of Tennessee.
Greetings from Tyumen city, Russia.
Keep a nice little thing in the form of a high-quality engine spare parts scheme.


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