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    whats the best way to set the carb up on a ch 80 for the mixture i pulled my spark plug out today and it is a black colour i have about 350km on this new motor so what is the best way to set up the mixture on the carb thanks:?:

  2. What position was it on?
  3. computergod2001

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    not sure i just open the box installed the kit and away i went never touch the carb so not sure how to tell where it's at never played with one before never new i had to
  4. How does the bike run? What is your oil mixture?
  5. computergod2001

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    16:1 my bike seems to run good but i think it is running a little rich because of the plug being black
  6. It is OIL rich and will be during the breakin period, at 16:1. I wouldnt worry about it until you have run a few tanks, then I would change the plug to a Name Brand plug like NGK, Champion, etc., and mix at 25:1 or 30:1 with a quality 2 stroke oil. Then look at the plug after that tank. If it is running good leave well enough alone...
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    Hi All,

    I am having trouble getting my chinese 80 cc 2 stroke to start. I tested the compression ratio and I am reading 80lbs, does this sound about right? I have replaced the plug with a recommend plug. I am seeing a spark when I ground the plug to the cylinder. If compression is good, I have a spark, it has to be the carburator. What can I do to this carburator? What I have noticed is gas is dripping out the exhaust pipe. To much gas not enough air. Any help figuring this carburator out is appreciated, thanks.