Sexy Camera Mount

Well i've made myself a proper camera mount, i got the instructions off instructables, sorry about the bad pics i took it with my phone as the camera was at home.

It has, a Bike Reflector mount which i got it for free at the bike shop ( i told him what i was doing with it and he just gave one to me )

I got 1m of 1/4" thread for free, 2 1/4" wing nuts, 2 1/4'' washers, 4 spring washers and one locking nut all for free. My dad knows the guy who owns the store and my dad buys stuff from there on a daily basis so hes like coz hes such a nice kid ill give it to ya for free. Ive been to that store like 4 times for all these motor mount screws n things, i know him well now lol. Wen i walk in hes like what now?

I also sliced up bits of heat shrink and put 4 bits between everything to minimize as much vibration as i could. Ill have a video up of it all tomorrow.

Link to instructables how to:$1/

Cya guys,

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Cool! How's the quality of the video? Any vibrations or is it pretty smooth?
Cool! How's the quality of the video? Any vibrations or is it pretty smooth?

I haven't tested it yet as i didnt hav a sd card for the camera so 2morrow morning ill give it a test run. The guy i got the instructions from has a video on youtube and its pretty smooth, its better than wat i had b4, if it does vibrate ill just add more rubber anywhere i can. I got spring washers and rubber so it should be better than the other guys.
It will be smooth for a regular bicycle but add an engine and things can get hairy LOL!

My rack mount would work for it's pretty smooth but my happy time with my modified (loud) exhaust and no rubber anything on my mounts NO WAY!!
i got rubber in between everything and spring washers so its pretty good. If its not good ill just put more rubber in between everything. Would putting electrical tape around my handlebars first then putting the mount on do anything?
it would do the same as if you put some rubber under it, provide a more secure fit and lessen the vibrations.

K ill put a lil under it, im also going to add 4 more bits of heat shrink where i got it already so ill hav 8 bits so that should be good so to minimize vibrations. I now have in total, 2 spring washers, 16 bits of heat shrink and electrical tape on the handle bars.

That should be good lol.

What about adding a spring between the lower washer and clamp assembly? You could tighten the wing nut to increase the tension and bounce. Depending on what you use for a spring you could get a really gentle bounce or faster rise...

I've been wanting to build a camera mount for my bike and I think this will be what I do- but I'll try out the spring. and see how it works.

I dunno though, strapping $500+ onto the front of my "experiment" seems a bit dodgy to me... I hate to crash and ruin the bike, myself AND the camera!:cool:
Think about wind noise too.... you have seen those vids with horrible wind noise

Place some foam, wool etc over the mike hole

Neat....I've been thinking about how to mount a camera onto the bike....Can't wait to see some sample videos!