Sh*t I broke a screw off flush in the motor front bracket stud holes

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  1. Sh*t I broke a screw off flush in the motor front bracket stud holes.what do I do I sure as hell don't want to buy a whole new engine. Please guys I need help asap.thx

  2. I already tried using a bolt extractor
  3. They used thread locking compound
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    You can use a dremel with a cutting blade to cut a straight line thru the middle of the broken stud. Then use a flat head screwdriver to back it out.
  5. butre

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    remember high school chemistry class? you can use a heated mix of alum and water to attack the steel stud without damaging the aluminum case. it'll pull the iron molecules into solution and just leave a brittle little turd of whatever alloying agents are in the steel. just don't let any steel you don't want gone touch the solution.

    I just stick the part into a cake pan full of the stuff and leave it in the oven for a few beers. mine's gas so I don't even need to turn the thing on, but if yours is electric just turn it to whatever the lowest setting is.

    if you've got the stuff to do it the easy way, go for it, but $6 worth of alum vs having to buy $30 worth of kit to helicoil it isn't bad
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    heres what i do , drill a hole in the stud then hammer a screwdriver(slightly bigger than the hole) into the holejust unscrew it then.
  7. It is a cast iron 2 stroke engine and the bolt is either aluminum or steel. Also the bolt has honda thread locking compound around it.
  8. CrazyDan

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    You could always drill the hole a size bigger then re-thread it for a larger bolt.
  9. Nate888

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    you can drill out the center & use a knife or pliers or even jb weld an implement to turn it w/ on there. w/ center drilled the bolt gets very weak so one you get it 1/8 turn it'll grrr really easy
  10. I drilled the whole screw. Now I need to know what do u use to thread cast iron holes.
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    A tap and die set, make sure the material is stronger than what you are trying to add threads to. You can do it to all your mounting holes and just make sure you purchase the same bolt measurements as the tap you use. Or you can wait till this happens again with the remaining chinesium mounting bolts.
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    depends what kind of motor it is - normal 2-stroke is aluminum and there are pics here about how to make new holes on top to attach to frame with angle iron

    if yours is cast iron, you need to send pics
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  13. There is no way that this 2 strike engine is aluminum. It weighs at least 9 lbs.

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    Got a magnet?
    It's the same engine as everyone else has. I don't know if it is truly "aluminium" maybe another chinesium depleted uranium alloy lmao. It has a steel crank shaft and flywheels, and rod, and cogs, and hollow clutch spindle thingy I don't know the correct term.. loads of steel parts basically.
  15. Nate888

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    my engine is mostly aluminum w/ mostly steel fastening hardware. yours probably is too - I don't think you'd ever see aluminum Bolts & studs into cast iron/steel

    metal is really heavy. think about a small pistol like a .22 target pistol or a .38 snub nose, they're pretty small but they still weigh like 5-7lbs. if your engine were all cast iron it would probably weigh 35lbs, dry
  16. crassius

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    it is aluminum, search on the board here for pics of how to drill vertically thru the front mount to attach a piece of angle iron that can then be used with a u-bolt around the frame

    often times, the case metal is too fatigued after stud removal to hold a helicoil well
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  17. butre

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    those things are definitely aluminum. a cast iron engine that size would be about 30 pounds