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    My wife and I are painters/carpenters and have been Spending about $350 in fuel per job so decided to do bikes with trailers.

    Still searching for the best motor (we are looking at for us but have a goal of selling the 98 Dodge Cummings 8800 GVW truck before the end of the year. And the bikes done by August of this year.

    We have three trailers already and are planning on making two more one for ladders and one for tools. Any info on how to do brakes and motors on the big trailer would be great

    In September we are planning a trip from Colorado to Minnesota on our bikes.


  2. Rack mount is definitely the way to go.
    WELCOME to MBc!

    Good luck selling your Diesel. It seems nobody wants them any more. :(

    I have a Chevy S-10 Blazer 4x4 worth a grand runs and drives great won't ever get you stuck been trying to sell it for weeks. The best offer I got was 500. What's sad is that I'm considering it so I can get my insurance off of it already.
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