Chain Tensioner Shamefull Quality Fade on Chain Tensioner

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Irish John, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    Here is a picture showing the chain tensioner I am expected to accept with my most recent Grubee 4-stroke kit. The flat steel they've used is 30% thinner than the normal stuff they use. I can't use this because it's too weak to operate safely. They do this all the time with the clamp brackets that hold the moror tray to the frame as well. They deliberately stuff 25% of sub-standard inferior components in with a batch of ordinary ones knowing they'll get away with it and increase their profit margins by a few cents. Tells you a lot about what these guys are like. If there's no law against it they do it and there are no laws about this sort of mullarky in China.
    Trying to get the supplier to send you a new one as a replacement is about as effective as breaking wind in a cyclone and even if they are willing to replace there's the postage both ways which is expensive. I'd love to be able to buy Grubee and close it and move the whole shebang to India.

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  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    that's a sad note this morning Irish John

    ok - I am looking at your picture there
    thinking as hard as I can -- it's pretty early -- more coffee needed
    trying to put a cost amount on their savings -- for cheapening the tensioner ?

    how much did they truly save themselfs there ? 5 to 15 cents at the most !!!



    we hope that they start doing better

    so we can ride that thing Mountainman
  3. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Chain tensioners are evil in the first place. Cheap chain tensioners.....well...say no more. Some factory owners will do anything to save a penny. Does not matter the location of the factory.

    HERPER Member

    they could have potentially found a different way of manufacturing them, heat treatment or something like a new type of metal composition that allows it to be thinner, or could be they are trying to save a penny or two..

    which in their defense 5-15 cents per part selling 1000 parts gets them 150$ and im sure they sell more then 1000, probably more like millions.
  5. augidog

    augidog New Member

    uh-huh...or: it could be "business as usual" and "business as predicted" :puke:

    sometimes reality bites, but it's still real ;)
  6. I would have to agree with Pablo, doesnt matter the company or country they are all trying to save every cent they can by supplying the cheapest parts they can. Here is another good example I was just reading, "top end" kit, with low end accessories.......
  7. augidog

    augidog New Member

    uh-huh, again...the old mbc double-standard rears it's head. it seems i cannot speak out (about something i've proven myself experienced with) without at least one of my favorite stalkers jumping in :rolleyes:

    i (had) left my sig out of this...did you know you too can choose to attach yer sig or no? it makes a difference.

    i say yer "retort" about low-end accessories isn't accurate or relevant to this "quality fade" topic, merely imflammatory (as usual)...far as i know, GEBE is constantly at work improving on it's products, not paring down on quality to improve the bottom line. golden eagle would be looking very closely at things like switches and throttles if there was a problem of epidemic import, but there isn't. ok, so the components don't please everyone, but gebe isn't "cheaping out" and you know it..."AG" didn't get parts of lower quality than the buyer before him, indicating fade. after 2.5 years, we've learned that some makers and sellers constantly ignore consumer input. so, instead of bashing a "source" i'll say that golden eagle practices good old-fashioned american integrity, and it's too bad other "sources" can't (WON'T!) do the same :-/

    unlike yours, my response to the topic was relevant...i'm pretty sure my freedom of expression of opinion is about as protected as yours? no? the news about (purposeful) quality fade in some chinese products isn't news, but please do keep blaming me whenever i mention i'm not a bit surprised when something like this crops up...and while i happily support all MB-RIDERS, i DON"T support all MB-engines...and i won't try to lie about it like some will.

    as i said, sometimes reality bites...but ya still have to face it as reality, especially when you've played a part thru indiscriminate consumerism. we've become a nation of complaining "victims" instead of proud americans who'll take a stand even if it hurts....when the HECK did that happen?
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  8. biketec

    biketec Member

    Quality fade

    I can tell you that its not the distributor or vendor, different parts come from different factories looks like one is a 2 stroke cheepie and the other is a 4 stroke if you got them from me I can tell you what happen, we ran out and ordered a few from another source in the U.S. so that way we could have them for our customers and try to make them happy while our order was on its way. I don't think it is any company's intentions to cheapen there kits if that were the case the kits would look like they did 5 years ago with no bearings.
  9. augidog

    augidog New Member

    lower quality at same price? to the end-user, that's "fade" isn't it?

    wait, let's be clear...this reply isn't about you, but the good point you raise. i am very aware of the workings of the engine-market...your "situation" isn't uncommon, all the more reason to be discussing this. if noone can temporarily get good tensioners, then you all wind up stuck pushing cheap ones. since the final kit-cost is the same, that means a temporary boost in profit for "someone." just how much of the problem is purposeful is clearly debatable, as we've all had the time to observe our trading partners' behaviors in other markets as well, including food & health products. why would y'all think that our market is immune to such practices?

    poor ethics got the global economy into the current mess, poor ethics will keep us there...strong ethics and conviction will help lead us out of the has to start somewhere, and our "sensitivities" in the usa are hampering recovery. don't "defend" poor quality, just don't buy it. believe me, they'll pay attention if forced, but so far it's been a free-ride based on bottom-line...not a good foundation for a stable engine market.
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  10. biketec

    biketec Member

    This is true but if I don't import someone else will we get what we can and we try to work with the manufacture the best we can.
  11. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    working parts always make it nice when we --

    it's hard to understand
    but - the picture has been coming though loud and clear
    better customer relations
    regarding MB parts and suppliers would
    COME IN VERY HANDY in times such as this..

    working parts always make it nice when we --

    Ride That Thing Mountainman
  12. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    let's pretend Mountainman is rep for the day -- ok ?

    ok - I have had some past business experience
    not to brag -- it's not a big thing
    let's just see what one Mountainman rep could do ??

    Dear Irish John
    We here at ------- have noticed from your thread posted
    regarding the tensioner recently purchashed from us
    it appears not to be up to our usual quality
    we are very sorry concering this matter
    and wish for you to know at this time
    we plan on MAKING IT RIGHT and getting you and your MB on the road ASAP
    since we have only the same as you received in our shop at this time
    today our friend at a local machine shop
    will be making up a couple of dozen
    we will have two for you in the mail tomorrow
    sent special delivery to address -- same as order
    no charge for replacement part or shipping...

    Have a blessed day, from Mountainman
  13. augidog

    augidog New Member

    you're hired :)

    it can be tough on an honest middleman, i'll give you that, but someone has to stand firm...fix the food-chain, then we'll all eat better, eh?

    btw-you realize just how easy it would be to tool up & make a consistently decent tensioner? opportunity knocks...there's nothing like real-competition to get things rolling.
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  14. Augi, Did you read the thread? I agree that it is not a "fade in quality" as the other posters in that thread also agreed the parts they got were cheap. I was just stating the fact that it doesnt matter who sells the parts Grubee, GEBE, Stanton, Etc. any manufacturer can end up with low quality parts, and what are they going to do? Not sell them. It's all about the bottom line, make as much profit as you can in a competitive market. Japanese, Chinese, American, they are all out to make as much profit as possible.
  15. augidog

    augidog New Member

    yes, pursuit of profit, but by different methods...and you will NEVER find fade in golden eagle's playbook.

    let's please do stick to the point of "quality fade"...this topic isn't anything new, but addressing it as a serious concern sure would be.
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  16. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    not sell them ? that is the right thing to do !

    well -- regarding anyone who has the big picture

    that is exactly what one should do

    especially at this point in time

    why -- because it is a known fact now -- part is defective

    and -- if someone get's hurt or killed -- chain into wheel ect..

    expect a lawsuit with all involved..

    we have a lawyer on site -- if seen by him -- your thoughts ??

    ride that broken down thing - Mountainman
  17. Not in the playbook... WHAT?

    I believe I am on topic. If a shipment of tensioners, switches, throttles, whatever, comes in from a manufacturer that isnt quite up to the quality of the last shipment, because the manufacturer was able to make it for less money, IS THAT NOT FADE?
    Do you honestly think they are not going to assemble and send that kit out because the components are not as good as the last shipment? Not in GEBE playbook, C'mon wake up. Its in everyones playbook.
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  18. augidog

    augidog New Member

    and this is you being fair? to meet yer own personal agenda, you're "implying" that gebe's using something different and cheaper (not the same as less-expensive) than previously offered, which is the underlying aspect of fade...that doesn't happen with golden eagle. not too long ago, they dumped a parts-maker that wasn't cutting other words, when someone tried the fade-effect on 'em, they chose to not go with it, even tho it meant a huge delay while recovering.

    stand firm no matter if it hurts...imo, that's the ethical path to honest profit. was a time, i could have durn near had my choice of almost any maker/seller to work with...i finally chose based on ethics. when i made the move, i gave up a lot of "free" stuff, and somehow i "lost" respect from many of you...but i sleep just fine nonetheless.

    business 101 (used to be, anyway) to cut production costs without sacrificing quality? be patient, keep quality high and consistent, thereby selling more, thereby producing more. now, if we can just get other sources to see why that works in the long run, y'all would start seeing more consistency of quality with the HT without any appreciable rise in cost.

    so, quit trying to compare the HT market to the usa-based companies that play by the rules...there IS no comparison. why don't YOU wake up? there are ethical people in this business who don't deserve your bashing 'em just because you take exception to my personal politics.
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  19. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    @Irish John.
    Out of curiosity man where did u get your kit & were u happy with the rest of the components.
  20. And your implying that this is "business as usual" for Grubee, thats fair? Thats not "bashing"? IMHO Don Grubee has done more for the MAB in the past years than any U.S. based company, and that is to supply a small inexpensive kit that alot of people can afford, and I believe quality control is alot more difficult when your producing and selling thousands of kits rather than hundreds.

    My statements are personal agenda, and yours are politics, thats pretty hypocritical.
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