shattered magneto

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by badgerkid, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. badgerkid

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    I just finished my boygofast kit build and road for 1000 yds before the magnet in the magneto case shattered into five pieces and snapped the shaft. Anyone run into this before? Contacted BGF and am waiting for a reply... Can it be fixed or should I be looking for an exchange?

  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    that thing sounds like it's shot out

    and being in five pieces I guess that's what it did do -- SHOT OUT OF THERE !!!

    I am leaning 98% towards a new one...

    hope that you are up soon so as to Ride That Thing -------------- MM
  3. Simonator

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    I never heard of that happening. I wonder if there was a loose screw in there that came out and got jammed..
  4. fetor56

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    Get an exchange.You'll probably have to pay freight but they should let u keep the clapped-out engine.....good for spares man.
  5. badgerkid

    badgerkid New Member

    No loose screw... just opened the cover and there were chunks of magnet sticking to the coil. Hope BGF comes through. I plan to build several more of these beasts for friends and family so extra parts would be bonus. At this point would just like to "ride that thing" as per mountainman.
  6. IT could be fixed But its a major job.

    Definitely contact BGF .

  7. badgerkid

    badgerkid New Member

    BGF responded with too bad (in so many words), but you can be parts from my store! I explained that it was the magnet and not the coil, still politely at this point, and that parts wouldn't help. I even offered to pay the freight despite the fact I didn't do anything wrong. Hopefully he will understand that I am not trying to take advantage of him, but I would like to get what I paid for... (maybe I did). I've read good and bad about BGF, we'll see what happens.
  8. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    a little lost here ------

    "but you can be parts from my store"

    does this mean -- they do carry the parts in their store ?

    a magnet breaking such as this -- may I say -- not common in any way

    something went wrong while either making or installing this magnet...

    yes - keep us informed in regards to their customer service.

    note also - these type of defects should be taken care of in a timely manner.

    so as to ride that thing Mountainman
  9. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    It's always good to send pics of your broken setup,& also POLITELY mention you've started a thread on MBc about your probs & members are following it with interest.
    Hope your successful.

    PS....give BGF the link to this thread.
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  10. badgerkid

    badgerkid New Member

    Sorry mountainman, I should have been clearer in previous post and to BGF... I believe he thought I was referring to the coil (not the magnet in the center) and therefore he thought it was repairable...

    Anyhow, I explained that it was not an easy part swap but a complete defective failure and got another reply from BGF. Says he'll give me a discount on another motor. I responded asking how much? Still waiting to hear a price quote. Must say he has been pretty responsive and decent with the emails.

    Thanks for the idea fetor56, will try and post the pix of damage in the thread and then send him a link showing the interest. It may help if they (BGF) know MBers are watching the progress of the transaction and their customer service. Thanks, badgerkid.
  11. badgerkid

    badgerkid New Member

    Conclusion, you get what you pay for... The final offer was 85 bucks for a new motor. I think I'll spend that cash with bluecollarbob or dax. At least they have a warranty.

    Warning: boygofast apparently doesn't stand behind their products. Response and shipping were pretty good, but I'm out 145 dollars for a bike chain, grips and gas tank etc.

    Still peddling for now.........
  12. NunyaBidness

    NunyaBidness Member

    thanks for the warning about boygofast
    I will NEVER purchase anything from them
    when me bro CrazyGringo hears about this he will say the same thing I did
    it's all about the service and when the service sucks like that, I make sure I spend my money elsewhere
  13. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    well - this is just one persons opinion in regards to BOYGOFAST

    but - I will tell you what


    we want someone who stands behind their product
    makes it so much better when we wish to

    Ride That Thing Mountainman
  14. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    I'll log this in my memory & if someone is thinking about buying from BGF it'll resurface.
  15. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    it's sad that here on this site there is not a way for in cases such as this

    to have contact with said vendors

    giving them a last chance -- TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT

    it seems that MOST would go to ALMOST ANY MEASURE

    to stay in GOOD STANDING with the common MB people

    such as this case with BGF

    if I worked there and caught ANY WIND OF THIS MATTER

    it would be taken care of and put to rest VERY FAST !!!

    wishing for all to be able to ride that thing ----- MM
  16. levsmith

    levsmith Member

    wow sorry to hear about that. I'll be sure and steer people away from them as well. you would think that if you gave them the link to this thread that alot of people see, they would want to make things right. good luck getting going again.
  17. I bought a kit from LIveFast on eBay, bottom of the barrel cheap kit. I emailed him said it was missing nuts and bolts for sprocket installation. He emailed back and said the kit I ordered didn't come with them??? Then emailed me back and offered me an UPGRADED sprocket and all the mounting hardware for shipping. That's customer service and that's why I'll be back to him for parts etc... I bought his lowest cost product and he still came through with EXCELLENT customer service.

    Of course I have a build thread going AND I'm documenting my entire build on my website, but the reality of it is the good customer service has bought him a customer for a long time. It would have been too easy for him to ignore me and tell me too bad. Instead he did the right thing.
  18. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    I am just -- not sure why -- many here on site -- do not understand


    as one who has owned many, many businesses over the years
    and taken a couple of business related college courses

    I am just totally amazed that treatment from any said company
    such as stated above by ComfortableShoes -- would be considered

    I think that good customer service would have been to tell you
    that you could up-grade and receive the parts you TRULY NEED
    with your order when it comes in...
    Instead of you waiting -- then receiving -- order that was
    let's call it for what it truly was -- NOT COMPLEAT...

    makes it hard when we wish to -- Ride That Thing Mountainman
  19. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Actually i thought it was a bit slack of LiveFast to sell u a kit that couldn't be completed in it's present u said though "bottom of the barrel cheap kit"
    Let's hope all the rest of the parts are there & their not substandard & everything works fine.
    Good luck.