She ionizes and atomizes (eco ionizer)

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    (eco ionizer) She ionizes and atomizes

    hello fellow MBer's. i come bearing gifts! a way to improve any engine you have!
    will reduce emissions, increase power and extend the life of your motors. this will work for any motor, except veg powered ones. here is the link!

    *i didnt make it. i take no responsibility for anything.
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  2. professor

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    Ya know, we always see gizmos coming out to improve milage. The only thing is an engine needs a certain ratio of fuel to air. This is like the law of gravity.
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    actually, if this is anything like my old carbon filters for my aquariums, flow will not be reduced. the particulate is too big to pose a serious problem. im in an engineering program in college right now, last semester we covered this basic theory. his logic and ideas hold water. i will be constructing this. ill post pics and results when available.

  4. DuctTapedGoat

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    I dont' dig how this guy tells you to put "scrap beads of varying metals" AFTER your fuel filter...
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    My people call them catalytic converters...
  6. shell shock

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    ok guys, so its built, pics soon to follow. i put a high pressure water through it, nothing will go into your engine. if your still paranoid, you have to options, put it before the filter or dont do it. i just posted to spawn further ideas and developments.

  7. DuctTapedGoat

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    I actually was going through the parts pile yesterday and gutted an unopenable fuel filter -there was a magnet in the paper!
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    ^_^ the magnet is worse off in the filter, then if your were to put the metal beads in. anyways, ran my rents snow blower with this in-line, worked wonders! cant find camera though.. fail!
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    Please don't clutter the forum with carp like this.
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    ... ok? while i value your opinion and seniority over me, harsh man.. how about all those threads on the supposed boost bottles? everyone pokes fun at them with out comments like "Please don't clutter the forum with carp like this." harsh man.

    - SS
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    i agree...
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    Personally I do not think this will make any difference, so I will let others build and try it if they want.

    But it does have value in the forum, no matter how fruitless the endevor is. It is not clutter due to the fact that there will always be someone who finds it and will put it out as the latests and greatest. It is best to just let it be posted then show it for what it is. This way other newbies will not be sucked into making something that is a waste of time. Lets save others time by letting them learn from the mistakes of others.
    (It will be merged if an existing thread is found with the same subject.)
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    i quite frankly can not see any relation between a possible fuel catalyst and a common oily fresh water fish, and i will not stand to see the Cyprinus carpio besmirched in such a

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    Please don't clutter the forum with carp like this.
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    This isn't a bad idea! I'd like to see if it actually works. Though I would rather buy one prebuilt than put the parts together. I don't know where I'd get those different metal beads.