She is...FINISHED!

Discussion in 'Motorized Recumbents' started by tbrookes2000, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. tbrookes2000

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    Hi All! Well, the moment I (an a couple of others) have been waiting for...
    BENT-ley is finished!
    Below is the tag to watch the test video...and I'm attaching a pic...relaxing in the park in the shade...
    I'd LOVE to hear comments!:evilgrin:

  2. tbrookes2000

    tbrookes2000 New Member

    Forgot the pic.. Bent-ley_labeled (640x480).jpg
  3. perilous

    perilous Member

    That's pretty cool, I really like the bike, I've just been looking over the plans, maybe one day I will attempt something like that.

    Hope you have lots of fun on that thing, you said in your video that the engine is worn out, to me the vibrations from the engine seemed excessive especially at speed. If you need to do work on the engine anyway may I suggest you consider spending a few extra $$$ and treating your self to a 4stroke with some sort of shift kit, I think that would really finish the project off nicely.
  4. tbrookes2000

    tbrookes2000 New Member

    Hi Per.
    Thanks...I am really proud of it. As for the's because I had dont something (inadvertently) to it during the break in period. I think I stressed it in some way so I'm replacing the piston, jug and bearings (only$57)...a cheap fix. I've had these motors before and they usually humm right along. But I think I got ahead of myself and didnt something bad to this one.
    My NEXT bike (a new recumbent tad) is going to be full suspension...and prob with a Jap 4 stroke motor. This guy isn't 100% just yet...still tinkering with a few things...but the new one is already on the drawing board :)
  5. Jammit

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    I am still looking for a chain, gear and sprocket FREE drive system......

    Maybe a gas drive system.