she wants to go faster,

Steve Best

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Sep 22, 2012
So if your air\fuel is set just right on a engine with a reed valve and a well timed expansion chamber a crank seal leak could be real bad on a engine real quick. The two stroke is a interesting beast.
Absolutely true Gary and Frankfort.
Two-strokes are like loading your own bullets, wonderful performance gains as you approach the maximum line, but explosive results if you go over! You need to know how to read the signs of getting close. If you can read the signs, the performance rewards are amazing. I don't know of any 4 stroke that you can readily triple the HP of for a reasonable cost. Usually a head, pipe and porting. This is easily and cheaply possible with many 2 strokes. The exceptions are the ones that come hot right from the factory.



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Nov 27, 2012
I liked the fill em up loads on the 44 mag. . You knew right away if you got a double charge.
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