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    I am trying to mount the sheave from my SE kit to a 26" wheel that is 36 hole 3 cross spoke lacing (any spoke crosses 3 other spokes.. a wheel building term). The holes in the sheave do not line up with the corss of the sokes and the clips that mount the sheave also are too wide (the slots for the spokes to set in).

    Question, are there different sheaves and/or clips for different wheel builds. I can redrill the sheave to fit the spoke pattern but the clips are a no go as the spoke channel is stamped in. Almost seems as if it is set up for a 32 hole wheel. I would assume the vast majority of wheels used are heavy duty and thus 36 hole.



  2. Hello, I have mounted the Whizzer Sheaves on standard hd 36 spoke 3 cross with 105 spokes and a HiStop coaster.

    I have also mounted several Worksman with 120 spokes and a Shimano coaster.

    The only wheel I could not easily mount to was a Worksman 120 with a rear drum brake, so now can you tell us what the hub is, and spoke diameter, and perhaps I could help you?

  3. Adam Livingston

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    Thanks Mike,

    Spoke guage is not relevant but they are a heavy guage to be sure.

    The hub is a shimano nexus 7 speed coaster with a 100 mm hub shell... certainly larger than a standard hub but don't Whizzer use a drum brake rear hub? It to would be a similar diameter??


  4. Hello Adam, YES spoke diameters are important, tho I doubt that you are able to buy anything larger than 120.

    Whizzer's drum brake, and also thier now obsolete band brake BOTH had standard sized spoke flanges, therefore the spoke angles are identical.

    I just looked at my Nexus 7 and the spoke flange is FAR too large for the pre-set angles of the Whizzer spoke flange.

    This is exactly why, early on, I abandoned the idea of using Worksman's Drum on the rear of some of my bikes.

    Why were you wanting gears on a Whizzer? I don't pedal mine much, ever.

  5. Adam Livingston

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    Thanks Mike,

    My bad as I was not clear ... yes I agree that spoke guage is "important' but meant that it was not germain to the issue of fitting the sheave.

    Your expereince jibes with my quick observation ... I laid the sheave over a standard hub (60 mm) 36 hole, 3x, 26" wheel and sure enough it fits like a glove...

    I was using the Nexus 7 speed just because it was the only coaster brake wheel I had ... no biggie as they are easy enough to come by.

    Any preference for a specific hub? Any thoughts as to where one could fine staninless 12 guage spokes?

    Planning on building up to Sun Rhyno Lite rims with a set of Big Apple tires


  6. Spokes: Gauge vs. Diameter

    Hi Adam, well I'll admit here publicly, that even tho the Spandex and other Road Bike guys know their guages, I know them by diameter.

    .080=standard bicycle spoke for cruiser/MTB/ old Schwinn ten-speeds etc
    .105= so called "heavy duty" sometimes called "paperboy spokes"
    .120 Industrial, HD I get these from Worksman cycles.

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  8. A Spoke is a Spoke, or Not?

    Hi Hough, I had one set of wheels from Husky that were quite nice. Shimano coaster rear, Sturmey Archer front drum, steel chrome Taiwan rime. BUT the spokes he called 120, mic out at 117, and the Worksman mic out at .120.

    Wghat does all this mean??? I like to use the Husky as my "step-down" wheels, nice, strong, but not the strongest.

  9. wes

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    rims for 12 gauge spokes...spandex

    May i recommend, before you throw bucks out on the sun rims, velocity cliffhanger rims. for 12g nipples (don't you just love that terminology), you must use rims that are thick enough to drill to the nipple size, (there it is again), with no eyelets. the cliffhangers are plenty heavy duty enough but a little more cost and worth it. I use their road racing velocity aeroheads for years now and love the build and longevity. btw, i crossed 4 and the whizzer sheave layed in fine, although 3 cross might have been a touch better. this was on a nashbar single speed disc hub. pedal just for effect...
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    I looked into the Worksman wheels and they are indeed of superior quality, but with the price difference between those and from Husky- they better be. If I ever wear these wheels out- Worksman will once again be on my list.
  11. Wheels

    Hough, I agree, and you probably will not ruin those Husky wheels, as I said so far to me they are #2 and all the rest lag behind badly,