Shell Shocks Board Track Racer Build. (56k DIE)

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    Hey guys! Welcome to my WIP page for my amateur board track racer build thread. This is my first cruiser build so i hope you all stay tuned in and follow this build.

    So, to start, here is the bike, it is a Super Cycle Classic Cruiser. I picked the last one up for 150$. Apparently these bikes are hard to come by.

    Stock, these bikes are not suitable for a motor. They are a single speed with only a rear coaster brake. Before i left Canadian Tire, i picked up a set of front and rear Caliper breaks. These fit the bike just right (and same colour to boot!).

    If all works out, my engine will be here on Monday, I will give a further update from then.

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    well, just a quick update before work. looked at the fedex website. My package arrived in Mississauga last night! to bad i got to wait for the postal service to resume on Monday..... dang you weekend. I will be receiving a 80cc Canada special edition, 36 tooth sprocket, tuned exhaust, heavy duty chain breaker, and a slant head, along with a free tee! not bad for 230! I will be stopping by a bike shop today to ask about retreading the rims to a different hub as i installed caliper brakes on the bike last night. so we will see. update tomorrow.

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    Looks like a real solid frame. Let the fun begin!
    I'll be following this thread.
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    danke man! the bike has actually been built for a while now. i will post pics when i find my cam