ShellyBelly Whisper Drive Belt Drive 4 Stroke

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  1. Dan (Shelly Motorbikes) and I (Evan, FireBelly Cycles) have teamed up to bring a Mid Priced, High Value 4stroke kit w/ function and style.

    We are excited to share pictures of the prototype that we'll be rigorously testing starting just after the holidays!

    Happy Holidays!

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  2. kerf

    kerf Guest

    That looks really great, also looks like a Comet TC would be right at home. Price might be high end but I'm just say'n .......

    I think your setup is going to be the future of MB's.
  3. MotoMagz

    MotoMagz Member

    Can't wait to see it in production.Hope you will be selling the gearbox seperate for all who have a good motor and just want a reliable/quit gearbox.My GGB has not given me any problems and is quit.But there is alot that could go wrong with the GGB.Yours looks clean, with less to go bad.Thanx for sharing your photos.

    Merry xmas MotoMagz
  4. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    I like the integrated look of the motor and drive system. That looks really well made. How much is it in USA?
  5. Don't have a price set yet as these are the 1st 2 prototypes.

    We do intend on offering the drive system a' la carte. Price to be determined but anticipate a very competitive marche!

    Dan and I are scouring the world over (but mostly domestically) to find valuable products to complete our kits. Quality and value are paramount. We have both expressed a desire to offer multiple levels of kits. Base complete kits including motor starting at $500.

    Very little if any components will be derived from common Chinese kits. Wherever possible domestic/fairtrade components will be used; all drive system manufacturing is domestic.

    Thanks, Evan
  6. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    Now that looks nice!!!
  7. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    Perhaps you can integrate some way to run a U lock through it or some way to add a little security to the motor. For $500, that is going to possibly be a high target for theives, esp bike rustlers.
  8. Thanks for the comments!

    Yeah hcs,

    We don't have much of a problem w/ theft in Seattle i.e if you lock your bike up it'll be there when you return. And people don't really mess w/ it if they can't steal it.

    These are gross generalizations of course; any major metro area has problems w/ theft we just don't have a bad one.

    I've not heard of a big problem w/ theft associated w/ motorbikes but you make an interesting point!

    Thanks, Evan
  9. Pics of the 79cc motor

    The Whisper Drive System mounted up to a "free breathing" HF 79cc.
    Cheers, Evan.

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  10. Happy New Year!

    FireBelly have a promotional video shoot coming up late this or early next mo. I'll try to get a basic ops vid out shortly.

    The exhaust is spitting crate oil everywhere and the gearing is a little tall both easy fixes.

    Bad news out o' the way.

    What an exhilerating ride! 1st ride is a total success. So Quiet! Motor and transmission are very inobtrusive w/ a nice exhaust note, virtually vibration free. Way more quiet than the Honda and clone.

    The set up you see here is essentially what Dan and I have invisioned being the base model kit. It utilizes the gas tank from the motor to save $ and allows those waxing creative to utilize the tank of their choice w/o paying for two.

    Of coarse in addition to the transmission it will include Signature FBC GasPunk Components such as the FlapJack Tuneable Exhaust w/ flex pipe, VeloThroat Air Filter/Velocity Stack, FB Engine Mount, and the (un)usual periferies e.g. NGK Plug and Cap, upgraded throttle and grips. In another attempt to keep price down the drive chain and rag joint sprocket are likely to be the only "Chinese Kit" shared components. Since this motor sits high up in the frame chain tensioners will usually be optional. As testing goes on and we have a better idea of what the #'s look like we'll be more exact on what kits come w/ what!

    If your not going to use it you shouldn't have to pay for it and it will not be wasted that way!

    Stay Well, Evan

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  11. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    I have a question that might be obviously stupid... but what is the advantage to this setup versus a regular pocketbike clutch with a gear sprocket?
  12. Longevity would be the main advantage. These are American HD Go Cart and Utility Clutches and belts that are used in high speed apps like alternaters and hard working machines like lathes and mills etc. They are much less complicated than well designed chain drives.

    Style, versatility, performance, to name a few, would be more reasons. American machined parts w/ very few imported components. Quality w/ economy, A truly Pro Quality 4 Stroke Kit Starting at $500 (including the motor of course). These are just prototypes and I'm sure they'll teach Dan and I some things about our initial design. But they're not complicated and can be made affordably while keeping the labor and much of the materials domestic.

    Thanks, Evan FBC
  13. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    I like it. I have a similar setup using the clone GX100 engine and belt drive. I used another belt going to a home built *Gebe* style ring attached to the rim. It has worked very well for about 11,000 miles so far. Seems to me I read in one of your posts that you might go with an aluminum pulley. I would reccomend against it. I tried that, and they seem to wear a bit fast for this type of use. Of course this was the secondary drive on mine which means it is exposed to road grime which could be a contributing factor. Good luck with your design, and I will be following your experiences with the Greyhound engine. That is one I haven't tried yet.

  14. Nice, I like the #'s on the Honda 100 but it's pricey. Thanks for the input, encouraging stuff!

    Evan FBC
  15. andyszyd

    andyszyd Member

    What kind of tranny is it? Kind of CVT or single speed?
  16. Single speed. CVT is nice, looking into it! This is designed to be a basic transmission Specifically designed for 4500 rpm max motors and is performing well so far. I have under 50 mi so far and Dan will recieve his next week so he can start putting miles on his as well!

    9.688:1 reduction over 35mph top speed! Will be reporting results of different ratios soon. vids this weekend as well!
  17. stealthc9

    stealthc9 Member

    that's pretty sick...the sound of it, makes me wanna buy one. (hf motor)
  18. andyszyd

    andyszyd Member

    Now I get it!

    HF 79 cc is a poor man Harley.
  19. stealthc9

    stealthc9 Member

    umm sure,110cc is more like poor mans harley but ok.
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