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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by veloman, Aug 5, 2010.

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    This is SBP's standard shift kit. It includes everything except for the chain which you can get for <$10 shipped online. The cranks/freewheel/chainrings are the only used parts and they are in great condition.

    Save yourself a ton of money with this kit. There's even an extra smaller chainring. (I have the 24, and 30 tooth, in addition to the 36 and 44). I also have the left crank arm and chainring guard which isn't shown in the pic.

    So yeah, all you need is a bmx chain. I used the cranks/freewheel for an electric motor system. The freewheel works as good as new and spins great too. I never mashed on the pedals. Everything is super clean! No nasty parts here!

    $90 shipped priority mail. Hopefully in the US - otherwise I'll need instruction on how international shipping works, and additional money likely. Must send Paypal.

    Or you can pick it up for $80 cash in hand, here in Austin TX!


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  2. veloman

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    It is still for sale, but now I am in central CT, not Austin, to anyone interested in local pickup.
  3. veloman

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    I decided I am going to keep the kit for now. I may repost it in the future when I am not using any of the parts.

    Currently not for sale.
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    I would have loved to have gotten it from you, but I cannot even afford a pot to pee in right now.
    It's too bad nobody took you up on the offer while it was out there. You had it priced for a steal of a deal.
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    i would of bought it darn it:dunce: