shift kit for a 4 stroke frame mount

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  1. savanne

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    I want to install a shift kit with the Huang 4 stroke. What I need is wide crank (bottom bracket spindle and crank arms) that will work with the shift kit that sick bike sells. Any good ideas? thanks charles

  2. ocscully

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    BB & Crank arms are Part of Kit

    The SBP 4-stroke shift kits come with the long bottom bracket and crank arms that clear the motor and primary reduction drive. To use the shift kit you need to be sure that you are using the HS/Clone motor that has the 5/8 (15.8mm) X 1 & 1/4 in. (33.5mm) long shaft.

  3. savanne

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    Thanks for the input, however: I spoke on skype to Duane at thatsdax and on video we discussed this issue. He pulled out the parts to a shift kit and we took a close look at the spindle and bottom bracket set up for the freewheel crank. It was clearly not a wide crank set. I've emailed Pablo at SBP and asked him this same question and he has not responded at all to my inquiry--which led me to believe that a wide crank was not an option available for the shift kit. Moreover the shift kit is made to bolt onto the chinese 2 strokes, and they do not require a wide crank set. That aside, why is the size of the shaft diamter and length important? (I assume you mean the crank shaft, which to my knowledge has the centrifical clutch attached to it)
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    I actually forwarded your email to Jim (Ghost0). Surprised you did not receive his reply. Of course a shift kit comes with a wider spindle/bottom bracket, so I'm not sure where Duane was coming from. Our HD 2 stroke shift kit comes with a 131.5mm BB cartridge and our standard 2 stroke kit comes with a 135 mm spindle. Both longer than standard bike spindles. We also sell other longer spindle options and a 153 mm BB cartridge for folks who have pipes, pull starts, etc. Our 4 stroke kit comes with a 206 mm BB cartridge. This appears to be the widest BB cartridge on the market as far as I know. All these are on our website.

    In your email you specifically inquired about "...11" between crank arms....". That's HUGE in relation to spindle length. Where are you measuring?

    Oscully was referring to the engine shaft not the bike BB.

    Hope this helps,

  5. savanne

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    i did finally get in touch with Jim from SBP and was very happy to hear the news of a wider crank set available for the shift kit. And thank you Paul for your response. I did build a bike with HS 4 stroke and wide crank and wasn't really satisfied with the results. So I sold it and bought another bike with a nexus 4 speed. The gears should help a lot and the super Titan from thatsdax is supposed produce 3.5 hp rather than the 2.5 of the stock HS. I cann't recall the width of the wide crank and I don't have a HS and reduction box at this time to measure the clearance needed. I must have gotten the 11 inches from my conversation with Duane. In hopes of making this thread helpful for other readers who are interested in using the shift kit with a 4 stroke, I include my email from
    Jim at sickbike parts:

    "Our Shift Kit comes with a wide spindle and crank set up. However it will only work with the Honda or Huasheng engines that are utilizing a Grubee Stage 2 or 3, Hoot or the new Grubee 4G belt drive reduction boxes. Now having said that, just to clarify, the new Grubee 4G belt drive comes in two versions. One is wide and one is narrower. Our Shift Kit will only work with the narrower version. That is where oscully's detailed response comes in helping you determine which engine type works with the narrower 4G belt drive."

    One more question: is it possible to insert one end of the jack shaft into the large sprocket in the reduction box, thereby eliminating an additional chain and sprocket from the reduction box to the jack shaft.

    Many thanks for all of your inputs, Savanne
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    Actually duane is claiming 3 HP for the super titan.

    Thatsdax 's Titans are just Huasheng motors with his sticker on
    the pull starter.
    I would be very sceptical of duanes claim of 1/2 HP more. When he was
    asked how the Super Titan makes 1/2 HP more he said the only changes
    were that the Porting is better and compression is bumped up
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    Well, I've been staying away from the 2 strokes because of their reputation for short life spans etc. For my application (using a jackshaft and shift kit to a nexus 4 speed) I am started to be swayed in the 2 stroke direction. Does anyone have experience with a good 2 stroke. From what I've been able to discern it seems the star-fire is the best out there in the chinese motors, or perhaps the bumped up pocket bike 2 strokes. thanks savanne