Shift Kit Idea? Will it work?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by milogasser, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. milogasser

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    Hi all, I am considering making up a shift kit for my MB. I have the Grubee Stage III on a HS 4 cycle. I want to have an output shaft made that extends to the sproket side and has a support bearing built in to the motor mount. This would eliminate one chain and make a very compact drive chain package. Any thoughts and or ideas on making this work? Thanks, Milogasser.

  2. Ghost0

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    What you suggest can be done but it will be difficult to get the gearing right. You will need an additional reduction of about 5:1 to drive the chainring from your gear box.
  3. craisin

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    cant imagine how you are going to acheive this
  4. give me vtec

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    take this advice... this guy definitely knows what he is talking about.

    Big ups to ghost0 for giving some good advice to help this guy out instead of just directing him to the sick bikes page...

    But honestly... unless you just want to do it for fun or dont have the $$$, sick bikes make a jackshaft kit that is AWESOME!!!! Rock solid and well built, it will last longer than your bike and/or engine.
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  5. craisin

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    you might as well do as he say.

    to me the single bearing idea sounds as if would develop the wobbles.

    and the wobbles are the enemy of good handling

    my apparent pirate jackshaft needed mods to get the engine loer in the bike

    Sicks HD kit may have this better range of adjustment.

    my set up suits my bike only as its only for my personal use

    have a nice day folks
  6. milogasser

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    Thanks for the feedback. I would like to do this for fun, but after I spend countless hours and dollars on it, I willprobably end up with the SBP kit when it becomes available. Later, Milo.:grin5:
  7. i think what your looking for is the 4 stroke shift kit has one its been done already
  8. Go to sickbikeparts and see what parts come with a kit, you can buy or make the parts yourself but it will be cheaper to just buy the kit.