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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by pdxrhett, Jun 17, 2009.

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    Well, my idea is to saw off the pedals, install a sprocket on the left side of the pedals (that side usually unscrews w/ a 3-piece crank), then you would have, depending on the bike, 5-27 speeds. If I did this with my current bike I would have 27 speeds! :D. I am going to buy another bike eventually and try this idea out. Anyone see any problems with it (in my mind I am picturing the sprocket actually spinning the right way. it will right?)

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    yup that would work using your bottom bracket to house a jackshaft. Are you trying to ride it on the street? Cuz without pedals you might have some troubles.
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    Search scooterguy and the evolution of the scooterguy bike.
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    LOL. That's exactly what I keep telling people :D. He has some amazing mounts going on right now. Coming out with a new bike (won't post pics tho. not my bike).
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    Sorry for double post. I'm tired.

    In Portland, at 49cc, nothing is required, by law (I keep letters signed in my pocket). 50cc however you need a moped license. Also, pedals aren't required ever. I love portland
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    In principle, that appears to be a way to get a "free" jackshaft transfer from left to right side of the bike. I think it would need an extended drive shaft and repositioned clutch, which is a lot of work, or a transfer gear between engine and crank which is not too far off having a separate jackshaft. If I had a machine shop I'd investigate it further.