Shift kit on full sus.

ok so i just got the sbp shift kit and decided to put it on a marin frs. still have to do a little tinkering but so far it is great. going to take it to work tonight and see how it does.



sorry about the heading i miss spelled and hit sudmit
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Thanks Pablo. Should I just do a search on "Front Freewheel"? Is there a specific model I should look for?

thank you pablo for changing the heading, thats what i get for getting in a hurry, trying to post before i go to work.

have put about 10 miles on the bike and love it so far wife just bought me a push push shifter will see if that works better then the twist shift i took off the kids moon dog.
Very good job there man,love that frame.
Pity(for me) u can't put a 4-stroke Honda in there with a shifter kit,but it looks like even under the best of circumstances the Honda won't fit.
Anyway yours turned out excellent.