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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by joshga12, Jul 24, 2011.

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    Hello. Could someone help me. I have got a mountain bike with a shift kit that never worked properly. Either the chain connecting the motor to the crank would pop off or the chain going from the crank to the the rear hub would pop off and jam everything up. I have tried everything to get this to work. I had everything the way it was supposed to be but finally gave up on having it there way because it just would not work. If anyone can be of assistance it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Look up "chainline" and try to understand how your bike is doing in that regard. It sounds like you have poor chainline, or maybe chainline that becomes worse when power is applied.

    You don't specify what bike you have, what motor, what width bottom bracket, or what gear range you are trying to use.

    Many intake and exhaust arrangements for HT motors require enough clearance that acceptable chainline is impossible to achieve. In such a case, the problems you describe will be chronic, along with accelerated wear and poor shifting.

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    If it's a Sick Bike Parts kit, have you contacted us? Sounds like alignment and tension issues. For example how many links did you remove from your bike chain? Are you using the jump stop? Please send an email with pictures of your set up to Jim at Sick Bike parts DOT com.
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    Hey. here is a link to pics of my bike. there are close ups of the shifter kit and all the chains and stuff. It is a grubee gt5 with a sick bike parts shift kit. its all on a nishiki mountain bike frame. help please. Ive just done a full tear down and rebuild and now am having a problem were the chain pops off the jackshaft end. the chain that connects the crank and jackshaft. it pops off at the top. you can see it bind up right before it pops of. help would be great seeing as how im getting frustrated after months of working on this thing and nothing but problems with the shifter kit.
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    I can see the photos if I copy and paste your link. They are a bit fuzzy so I couldn't spot everything.

    The most obvious problem - you didn't install the freewheel in the correct location. Please look at the installation instructions carefully. The "sandwich" should have the FW on the inside. Look at page 3, 1st and 2nd photo. From outside 44T, FW, spacer nuts and then 36T and capture nuts.

    I don't see your jump stop installed.

    With the chain tensioner and proper tightening you won't need all those tensioners and guides and stuff. That chain needs to be TIGHT.

    I will send the link to Jim so he can chime in. I'm just the loose nut running the business, he's the Tech guy. I'm surprised you didn't contact him after all that time.
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    I will have to concur with Pablo's assessment. I see many places where the installation instructions were not followed. The most obvious is the one Pablo already mentioned and that is the chainring assembly. Second is incorrect installation of the rear clamps causing damage to the rear mount as well as the inability to tighten the mount correctly. As Pablo mentioned why did you not contact us directly. We could have steered you straight right off and you could have avoided a lot of frustration. If you have any further questions shoot us an email.