Shift kit replaceable CNC aluminum front rings

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    Would anyone here be able to machine CNC aluminum rings to replace the super heavy steel rings that come with the SBP HD shift kit? 44 and 36T. Would be able to save a pound or two right there.

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    Why not do some drilling on them....make some lightening holes....Like the old drag racers used to do...
    Just make sure to put the holes across from each other otherwise you might throw the rotating balance off....
    Plus if you did it right you could put some pretty cool designs into them..

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    Ugh. Must everything be so much work. :p
    Imagine how much weight could be saved by making them as light as raceface MTB front rings. The whole front ring assembly from the HD kit has got be atleast 5 pounds.
  4. HI,

    The only place I know of that has made them out of 7075 aluminum with lightening holes is

    You are right about the significant weight savings!


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    CNC shift kit sprocket

    Ha. Great link! much appreciated. I will definately get in touch with them but from what it looks like they only make the rear sprocket for direct drive setups?? I'm reffering to the two heavy steel sprockets that attach to the crank arms when you get a shift kit, I'd want sprockets for that area.