Centrifugal shift kit with centrifugal clutch?

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    Has anyone used a pull start/centrifugal clutch with a Sick Bike Parts shift kit? Seems like it would be a good setup. I'm thinking about doing that to my bike. I don't particularly like the rag joint sprocket mount and the use of the bikes gears seems like a plus. also I'm not sure how pedal starting would work with a centrifugal clutch. Any thoughts would be appreciated before I go and buy the parts. Thanks. Charles

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    With the centrifugal clutch you just peddle start like normal. With the shift kit you will want the pull start because it is very hard to start with the peddles because you have to keep peddling . Do your self a favour with the pull start and have the cord replaced right away with some good cord.
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    Thanks for the quick response, the information is well taken. Attached are photos of the build so far and is a work in progress so I will post more pics as the project goes on.

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    I have two bikes that are shift kit with centrifugal clutch and been in use for several years now with no issues with centrifugal clutch.

    make sure you slot and key the clutch bell or use an impact wrench to install it so it doesn't slip overtime.