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  1. geebt48cc

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    Ok, if you are going to order a shift kit for bike, which one would be the best trouble free kit? I'll be putting it on this bike. xsposed.jpg

    Could I get the mid priced from SBP's? Or the one Bikeberry has?



  2. The_Aleman

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    Is that a joke question, or are you actually serious?

    BikeBerry's weak copy of a shift kit can't hold a candle to SBP's tried-and-true setup. SBP might cost more, but you get quality parts and decent support.
    It's worth it, if you can wrench. Shift kits aren't for rookies, you need skills. Pablo and Ghost sell what they engineer, they know just about everything about what they sell.

    BikeBerry doesn't know jack squat about anything they sell. Bike Berry's shift kit uses junk **** parts, like most of the products they _resell_. Tech support? LMAO
    In the long run you need more skills to run their shift kit, because much of it will need to be replaced pretty quickly.
  3. Fabian

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  4. Fabian

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    And with a SickBikeParts Deluxe Shift Kit, you get the heavy duty (one way) bearing that can be disassembled and rebuilt with a new bearing race if required :grin5:
  5. geebt48cc

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    Ok, Ok, I see.............I was thinking that about Bikeberry. Anyway, from SBP's I would need deluxe, or could I go with there less priced shift kit?

  6. Fabian

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    The deluxe kit comes with all the tools and it works out to be very cost effective if you would otherwise purchase the tools individually.
    Just bite the bullet and get the Deluxe Kit.