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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Rob_E_Rob, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Rob_E_Rob

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    I was thinking about putting a shift kit on my next build. I was wondering if you folks would like to compare/review DAX's shift kit V.S. SBP's shift kit. basically, whats the difference? I've dealt with DAX in the past and he's pretty cool, so I would more than likely throw my business his way, given no other input. Also, is the shift kit really worth it? Is top speed really increased that much? I'd love to hear any comments you fine folks have to offer

    Thanks for your time!


  2. Al.Fisherman

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    I'm planing on a shift kit soon. Reason is not for speed as my bike is fast enough for me, but just like in autos. The higher gear the lower RPM at a given speed thus the longevity of the engine. So I also would like to read the differences between the two.
  3. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Is It Worth It?

    My friend Hawaii Ed's speed picked up from about 30mph with 36 tooth sprocket to over 50mph with SBP shift kit! His first bike was a heavier cruiser bike, and his faster bike is a Trek 4500 MB.
  4. professor

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    The SBP kit was originated, designed by good guys who are right here on this forum. I am not connected with them- don't even have a HT, but have been around to see it come to fruition and see it copied, right down to the picture in the ad. Apparently made in China and sold by Dax.
    I would trust Sick Bike Parts and they are a sponsor here!
  5. MotoMagz

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    The Guys at SBP will answer questions and try to find solutions to any obsticles you might run in to during your build.They designed it and know how it works!

  6. Slay

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    You should look (and ask) what REALLY comes with each kit. DAX's kit is lacking - bottom line. It doesn't come with all the parts the SBP shifter comes with. It's an older design cheese Chinese knock off. I've heard the few DAX has sold, people are not happy with chains being thrown off and stuff. I think DAX saw SBP selling them and he figured he would get in cheap, but he doesn't really know the product. If you figure in the stuff that he doesn't supply, SBP is lower cost AND better quality. I would stick with the original.

    For sure SBP shifter kit is well worth it. It's not just the ultimate top speed, it's how darn fast you get there!!:grin5:
  7. Skyliner70cc

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    I would go with the original and not a China made generic SBP shifter kit. Other than that, Dax provides superior customer service and won't leave you disappointed if you buys any of their other products.
  8. Hawaii_Ed

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    For many reasons the shift kit is worth it...quality, reduced engine wear, better economy, better acceleration/hill climbing, and the fun factor is off the chart!
  9. No peddling

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    I have a SBP shift kit. It was very well thought out and works great. Also they helped me even before I made a purchase from them. I ordered it for one bike , but put it on a different one and the jump stop for the front sprocket was the wrong size for the new ride. They swapped it for the right one even though it was my fault. Good people and a great, very reliable kit. Just my two cents. Hope this helps.
  10. Fabian

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    I've written many a line about how good my shift kit is; it's simply the best and only way to go.
    Please though, order yourself the Deluxe Shift kit, as it comes with all the useful tools and accessories, that will cost you more if your purchase the tools individually.