Shift system for 2stroke chinese motor

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by gemballa, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. gemballa

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    Im thinking in buying a shift system to my chinese 2stroke motor, but SBS is away to x-penssive, is better to buy a old motorbike than buying a $200 SBS shift kit...

    Someone knows a less expenssive place where I can buy this shifts?

  2. AussieJester

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    if your the DIY type you can make your own very cheapily...Bearing holders, a shaft two sprockets and a freewheeling crank is all you need...

    Best of luck
  3. spad4me

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    You will not be able to beat sick bike parts price.
    I use a cvt on one of my bikes .
    I still used $150.00 dollars of sick bike parts .
    And was very glad they sold their parts so inexpensively.
    Get a heavy duty free wheel.

    A cvt on a happy time is very hard to do.
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  4. strotter

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    SBP shift kit is worth every penny!

    However, after having a HT with SBP and a Titan 4 stroke on a "scooter guy".....

    my .02 = go with the "scooter guy" set up. Quietier, no oil to mix, shifts the same. Looks a little weird at first.
  5. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    Not True by a lobg shot my friend... i made a jackshaft for my brother 49cc MTB ) for well weeeeeeelll under half the price of a SBS INCLUDING the freewheel crank! (i have seen others on THIS site also made for less IMHO HUGELY over priced...They cost more than the freakin motor last time i looked :-S YOU DONT have to use their parts standard bearing holders work fine, scrap metal for the plate the cogs were from motorcycle wreckers cost under 20 bucks for two. SBS system is excellent don't get me wrong for those that aren't capable of fabricating their own, that said, it really isn't too difficult.
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  6. spad4me

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  7. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    I used standard crankset and used a standard freewheel to make my own freewheel cranks...cost nothing was all scrounged from curbside collection...


    p.s OR for $US25 bucks you can go direct to Cyclone Taiwan and lose the markup SBS puts on them :p h ec k ...for 48 bucks you can get the freewheel cranks WITH shaft bearings and sprocket....that is of course if you wish to use poor quality components...these setups are the Achilles heel of the cyclone kits, I've lost count of threads i have seen on Endless Sphere complaining about them, the freewhel needs to be replaced with a quality item from Eno expensive but bullet proof...prolly stand up lil better to the less powerful 49cc and 66cc ICE motors than they do the electrics but still will fail eventually ...
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  8. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    SBP = Sick Bike Parts (what is SBS?)

    Anyway, and Cyclone Taiwan will charge how much freight plus the $US25 to the USA?

    I'm sure you can, if you ignore your fab time, make a kit less some of parts for a lower price.

    Actually you can get a HD freewheel from SBP.
  9. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    If you really want to go there i'll play...

    a typo

    The OP NEVER mentioned where he was from but you simply asuuuume hes in USA...Typical ...Pablo believe it or not there are other countries OUTSIDE of the USA :: shock :: ... im in Australia...WHAT will YOU charge freight to Australia is the question that needs answering...postcode 6076 look forward to your quote...Wont be as cheap as it is from Taiwan OR anywhere near as fast though...good luck with that...

    Not "can" "have" as your very well aware Pablo took less than 2 hours lets say $30 an hour thats 60 bucks cost less than 50 in parts so still less than half price of your product and does the same job ...didnt need modifications after the fact to stop flexing either just quietly.....your prolly also well aware many others on this site have also done so.

    Can't blame you for sticking up for your product I too will recommend SBP on occasion if it is warranted i have heard nothing but good regarding customer service and satisfaction well done on that front...i have nothing personal against you or your company Pablo simply don't like the prices you charge for the shift kit its ridiculous for what it is IMHO..It cost more than a freakin motor for gods sake how can you justify that?..Fortunate fact for you is people will buy it as they don't have the ability/resources/time to fab their own so matters little anything i say here unfortunately.

    OR again you could go DIRECT to where you buy them from Pablo (SBP) White Industries ooor any other local bike shop that stocks them for that matter.

    Any more components you would like to discuss suppliers for feel free i have nothing but time to help the good members of MotorerdBikes save $$$ :p

    Don't forget that freight quote mate interested to see what your going to charge, UPS too please registered AND insured.Cheers in advance

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  10. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Freight for cranks to Australia will be $12. Freewheel $12. A full kit $42. USPS Registered and insured. Actually we ship to Australia (100's of kits!) and all over the world every day. (Argentina, Brazil, UK, Bulgaria, Israel, Iraq, South Africa, Malaysia, NZ, Aus to name a few) So by mentioning USA freight I was just stating an example and I was not being xenophobic.

    I think the average person would take more than two hours to design and fab plates, gears, shaft, etc. For the average MB person? 4-6 hours, shop costs, etc, then all the parts. How will folks at home make our gears? I know there are ways around this - but we are doing a comparison here. $120 labor at least plus $150+ worth of parts at least for someone to do an exact set-up.....Listen - we don't discourage people from saving money and doing a set up themselves I can't think of any time we have done this. In fact we sell parts to people doing customs all the time. We are actually a low cost Cyclone seller and one of the largest Cyclone customers. (And our freight bills from Taiwan prove it :ack2: )

    Our costs are our costs - determined by the cost of our landed materials (and no not everything in the kit is a cheap OTS part), what the market will bear and our sense of fairness. To have gears custom made, to have steel, aluminum and plastic pieces fabbed to drawing in 100 lots the USA is not a free proposition. To compare to a crude engine assembled by folks for $1-2 day may give you some claim in your mind, but it's not exactly an apples to apples comparison.

    Feel free to try to buy OUR (DESIGN) HD FW from White. They won't sell to you - so that's another 15 minutes at $30/hour down the tube. :jester: (Sorry couldn't resist having some fun with this mate) Besides - if you knew our wafer thin mark-up on the the HD FW, most would wonder why we bother!

    I don't want some internet battle to break out - I'm just saying bro, I love YOUR work, you are the MAN, but when you say our prices are "ridiculous" I think it's a bit of an exaggeration. From your point of view, our prices are high. That's fine, that's your opinion but our prices are NOT ridiculous or outrageous.


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  11. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    Well at least your honest and didn't diddle the freight charges simply to win an argument, knowing full well i won't be buying anything, you could of quite easily done so...Yes i did check myself.

    And now for the i said i'm happy to play i don't think you will be though ...

    Why will they need to sprockets are available online pre cut suuurely your aware of this might want to check what the combat robot sites sell buddy you might be able to make even more profit buying off the shelf instead of getting your gears ::cough :: pre cut :-| HECK if you want to get fancy you could even make one completely belt driven using 5mm pitch belts and pulleys :: SHOCK :: and again using OFF THE SHELF PARTS Paul go figure hey :-|

    Yup they are and as i said i think its ridiculously expensive seeing i can buy the components online using OFF THE SHELF parts for under half the price!

    ROFLMFAO....Sorry to ruin your attempt at "having fun" there Paul but YES i can buy white freewheels from any of there distributors (theres even one in Australia go figure..wonder what freight is from there :p ) YOU ARE NOT the only seller of White Freewheels don't make out you are, YES you might sell a toothless version BUT I NEVER ONCE SAID i wanted to buy the non toothed version you sell did i! I leave the freewheel IN TACT when making the DIY freewheel the teeth are advantageous "anchor points" to bolt the sprocket too so your toothless version is of no interest too me sorry to ruin your fun there buddy you have succeeded in making more determined to spread my opinion of your prices though prolly not the "fun" you were looking for right? You did give me a GREAT idea though Paul a tutorial on "Where to buy components to make a shift kit for under 100 dollars!" Shall get onto that when i finished my current project! Bet your happy you had "fun" now right Paul i am WOOOOT!!!

    Makes sense you wouldnt, if i linked half a dozen places to buy bearing holders shafts and sprockets it might just affect business, speaking of which, you OPENLY admit selling AND getting 100s of units made and selling 100s of kits so your buying in bulk, seeing your ordering large quantities you get greater discount than the individual buying single items BUT STILL you sell items for MORE than than i can buy from the manufacturer!!! this to me makes it even worse than i first thought Paul.

    YES its only my opinion and YES i still think its outrageous Paul no matter how you cut it. I also understand you have to attempt to defend your business by replying to my accusations .... Power to you brother, if people are willing to pay it whos the silly one right...definitely not you! Your product is sound i have never questioned that those members buying from SBP will at the very least know the components they will be recieving will do the job for many years, and if and when any probs arise have a very polite and helpful person in yourself Paul, to turn to for help, that i commend you on.

    ....Have fun counting your money buddy LoL :p


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  12. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Nope - combat robot gears are more expensive and don't have bike chain width......

    I never said people can't buy White FW's elsewhere.

    It's pointless discussing these issues with you if you twist my words so. Again, WE have never attempted to stop anyone from making their own design and/or doing it all themselves. I still doubt many can do it cheaper in the USA OR if they try to do exact apples to apples comparison (which is NOT what you are doing), I know they can't do it for less.
  13. realdigga

    realdigga New Member

    entertainment!!!im still gigglin my *** off.....healthy exchange!! ouch said the sepo!!
  14. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    WRONG they are no dearer than yours start from 12 bucks for 9 tooth the site im looking at right now...AND...What what what :-S why does it need to fit a bike chain in the first place, #35 chain and sprockect on shaft and crank done :-S Your sprocket prices are good though if members wish to use biucycle chain on their jackshaft drop some coin at SBP and buy the rest elsewhere :p

    How am i twisting your words come on don't be a sook now, you said good luck buying a white freewhel from white industries distibutors.. I can end of story no twists...Come on Paul you can do better than that pal...

    And i never said you did thanks for pointing that out though...striving now buddy :-S

    HAHAHA OH Paul Paul Paul my dear dear it might not be IDENTICAL it WILL have a freewheel crank it will be a jackshaft it will change gears it WILL BE STRONGER than your offering and yes anyone with minimal tools and ability could do it! its a shaft and two sprockets FFS pal they can order EVERYTHING but steel plates cut to size OFF THE SHELF cheaper, what don't you get about that? As i said I suggested ill do a Tutorial on how to do it just to prove you wrong...Bet you be subscribing to that lil thread to seeing you say "I love YOUR work, you are the MAN, "

    ROFL same me and mate Flav havin a a few JDs nearly in tears here...its all fun and games till Paul cracks the ****s :p I have NOTHING to lose and members here have everything to gain thats the great part, its an unfair argument really he would be swearing his head off at the monitor "that F****g Aussiejester C**T runing my rep" LMAO...Sorry Paul couldn't resist having fun with you on that :p :p :p


    P.S apologies if theres any typos or spelling mistakes few stubbies down now starting to see double LOL...I have said all i wish to say now anywayz and shall leave this argument now and resume it in a few months time when i do the tutes for jackshaft :)
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  15. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Not ouch at all. You outback eaters talk the game, but you end up taking the pss....

    As I said, changing the rules and not doing a straight comparison is pointless.

    FTR - if you go to a #35 chain there are a LOT cheaper sources than Robot Wars places. Keep going though, you really aren't bothering me.
  16. realdigga

    realdigga New Member

    lol,did you mean taking the p iss?fair suck of the sav, we just stirrin the pot , neednt come the raw prawn, rofl, a customer of yours paul, and as jester states your products cant be faulted on quality. all in fun mate.. get a dog up ya!!
  17. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    LoL well i would have left it there but if your going to attack a fellow Aussie well... "outback Eaters" hahaha typical yank statement prolly think kangaroos jump down the main street as drop bears and koalas fall from every tree ..Paul...i have pictuered the jackshaft I MADE i might talk the talk but you know VERY WELL i act on it too....think we hit a nerve realdigga im going in for the kill LOL :p

    WTF!!! Go have a read of ther OPENING POST Paul sheesh man i have given you more credit than i should of i think... here this is what was asked-->


    Yes yes there is my local scooter shop is cheaper as is the motorcycle wreckers down the road from me but they match your sprocket prices so for reference they did for the time being :p ...I will list the other suppliers i have also at later date, Paul if you have any to add please do feel free to do so mate your input is most welcome :p

    GREAT to hear champ...don't belieeeeve a word of it but still great to hear :) I have stated twice i think your product and service iis top class Paul don't forget that just the price mate...just the realdigga says all in good fun...and get a dog up ya :: un-subscribed:: :)

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  18. strotter

    strotter Member

    This Yank thinks that kangaroos do hop down the middle of the streets and according to Yank commericals, you all drink Fosters for breakfast......

    IMO.... the SBS (I mean SBP) is worth every penny. When I bought mine, I gladly paid for all the research and testing that went into it. Yes, I could have built it myself. I even looked into buying all the parts myself. After about a hour of research, I determined I had about 2-3 more hours to go, not to mention the time in fabricating parts. I gladly paid what they charged, knowing it would "work".
  19. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    Wel heck Aussie, sounds like you need to go into business and undercut the SBP. Sounds like you should be able to do that easily.
  20. gemballa

    gemballa New Member

    Sorry, I was traveling, thanks for the tips, I will read all now!:)