Shifter Kit - Another DELAY announcement

Discussion in 'Dealer Advertisements' started by Pablo, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Pablo

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    Shifter Kit - Another DELAY announcement

    Folks - solely due to just one part # all in a singular lost box, we may have to again move out our July 14 go live date for the Shifter Kit. The box, out of a valuable shipment was lost by DHL. (NEVER, EVER use DHL).

    We have kits all complete, waiting for this one part. DHL has been searching for it for coming up on two weeks. This sucks very bad for us, we have a ton of money into parts now. We are just eating the inventory costs big-time. I know many of you have been PM'ing and emailing us. We just can't take prepayment when we don't have a hard date. If we have to get the part manufactured again, we aren't sure of a due date yet.

    We are praying that this breaks free and the parts arrive soon - but at this point that would truly be a miracle. We will keep you informed.


    Paul and Jim

  2. HI Guys,

    Thanks for keeping us updated....I can hardly wait until you get this going!


    PS - I had similar problems recently with DHL myself.....A forum member was sending me a sprocket so I can incorporate the bolt pattern on my sprockets and DHL had trouble finding me for over a week (Part sat right here in Charlottesville of all places too) despite me calling and giving then directions 3 different times....(plus they could have looked on Mapuest or a local map.....AAARG)...On a happy note did finally get here....Good luck guys....just be persistent (I eventually had to speak to a manager tho to get things moving).
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    hi pablo; lets see your kit might be late, dax said he will be back later, gebe cant keep up, staton is late and so it goes. is this an indication the hobby is growing, or the need for an alternative is growing? i have not been on site long but everyday a newbe is asking can i choose my own bars or will it go uphill? i opine our country is in a bad place and this is only one indicator. ride on mitch
  4. datz510

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    Paul & Jim,

    Hang in there.. I'm in this for the long haul, however long it takes to get the kits. My own offer of pre-payment still stands if you guys need help in the funding department should the parts have to be made again. I want to see this kit come to fruition and in the true spirit of the MBc community am happy to help in any way shape or form.

    I can't wait for this kit... I am totally and completely stoked. Have been showing off the photos of Ghost0's test mule bike to lots of others that are also very very interested.

    Once you guys get this kit off the ground, I can guarantee you that you will get a LOT of business as I have quite a few folks interested as well!

    This kit eliminates most of the downsides of the standard HT kit and adds adjustable gearing, which the HT needed the most... I really truly believe this one kit is going to revolutionize the HT engine world.

    One of the neat safety advances that I can see about this kit is that IF you have an engine fail/seize up on you, you will never be thrown off the bike.. the rear wheel freewheel will just do its thing and you'll coast to a stop.
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  5. Pablo

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    Thanks guys - the supplier has said he has and is making new parts for us. So right now we may only be moving from Jul 14 to July 21!!:grin:
  6. Pablo

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    Things are looking better. We placed a new order for the missing part.....we should roll out the whole ball of wax the 19th or so.

    Also - freight no matter where in the contiguous USA will be $20. $219 gets you a Shifter Kit.
  7. Aussie_Glenn

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    How about freight to Australia?

  8. Pablo

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    About $80
  9. badmoon

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    Ok im from canada and i have a 80cc HT king engine on. SO this willw ork or not and how many dollar does it will cost for having this kit.

    Im talking about the jackshaft kit :)
  10. Pablo

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  11. badmoon

    badmoon Member

    you will have the install manual for it .
  12. Pablo

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    Of course - it will be on our website, with full details and color pictures.
  13. badmoon

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    nice job i will buy one dont sure if i will this summer or the next one but i will .
  14. vcain

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    do you have pictures of this kit and what does it do exactly
  15. Pablo

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    I see you found it.

    Ghost0 (Jim) and I (Pablo/Paul) are business partners.
  16. DetonatorTuning

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    pablo, please help me find a thread or pics of your equipment.

  17. Pablo

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  18. lennyharp

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    You guys both have some real nice looking builds. They are good advertisements for the system. My riding buddy, datz510, is waiting to get one as soon as shipping of kits begins. I am thinking I may want to do one myself also, but am in the middle of my first GEBE build. I'll have to sell one to get started on one of these ... NO I better finish what I have started.!!! This may be why the cheep Chinese motors are selling so good.
  19. DetonatorTuning

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    (sorry but this question has been asked many many times lol!!!!)

    The crank freewheels. The chain always moves when the bike is in motion.