Shifter kit for rack mounts



The shifetr kit for 2 stroke frame mounts was released this week and its got me brainstorming on methods to do the same for rack mounts.

Looks like sick bikes parts has the frame mounts covered so I want throw around ideas for rack mounts. Of course we have Staton Nuvinci but they start near $1000.

I thought of using a left side freewheel but I want to see the same concept of hooking the drivetrain to the existing bike crankset. Ideally it would be a top center mount. How about using a left hand motor drive and running it up the left side to to a sick bike parts shifter kit?

Of course if we had a really high quality frame/4 stroke it might simplify things.

Im not good on gear ratios, I guess I ought to study up. I just wanna throw this out for suggestions.