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Discussion in 'Dealer Advertisements' started by Pablo, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Pablo

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  2. softride

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    Website is looking good hope to see you around soon
  3. lennyharp

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    Great product and site to match. Good luck with this well designed product that will help out the motored bike a bunch.
  4. stude13

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    great looking kit you guys. ill be over around noon. mitch
  5. TWalker

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    Fantastico! I need one to start right now. I havn't kept up much with the project but my question is the bike chain is now the drive chain for the engine. How will the bike chain stand up to that pressure?

    Love this guys...great work.
  6. Pablo

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    I've been just jamming on my same chain for 4+ months and it's fine. But your point is well taken, all moving parts should be examined and lubed as necessary.
  7. TWalker

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    Cool, thats interesting. I always assumed a bicycle chain couldn't stand that pressure hence the motorcycle 415 is used. But hey lets roll em out and see what happens. This can resolve a whole bunch of issues for me with chain alignment problems on stretch cruisers or any bike for that matter.

    That big chain and sprocket has always been a sore point for me. I just started walking away from HT's but now this and couple other things has me thinking twice.

  8. Pablo

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    That's pretty much what has been driving me. My engine was made in China, but it stops to speak. Ask my wife to comment about all the "stuff" on my bike. :shock::cool: I call the stuff "improvements":smile:
  9. TWalker

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    Oh that stuff is definitely improvements. The gas cap gasket is a major thing in itself. Another sore point for me is all the engines leak somehwere around the carb.

    3 questions please Pablo:

    Have you tried sealing off the tickler/primer yet? Is that the primary source of leaks? Maybe thats the next product for the site?

    Do you think the boost bottles make a major difference in performance?

    and 3rd I was really impressed by a round head 50cc I bought, it was well balanced, smooth,quiet, minimal vibration etc. but less powerful. Would the transmission make up for that lack of power. I think it has to to an extent.

    Oh one more, have you converted any 1 piece crank sets to 3 piece? Are the cups and bearings typically a different size? Say on a regular beach crusier like the moondog?

  10. Irish John

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    Great Idea

    This is a good idea and a great product if the price is right. The kit is really better than the engine and that could be a problem but I'll have to try it out myself. Pity the jackshaft couldn't fit the 4-strokes because we could use the NuVinci hub and solve all the problems we have with frame mounted 4-strokes. Good thinking and good luck.
  11. Pablo

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    My tickler doesn't leak on any of three carbs, is your float set too high?

    Never messed with a boost bottle, honestly.

    No doubt about it - a smaller high reving engine is just dying for gears!

    Yes there are kits out there for converting 1 piece cranks. Try this one:
  12. Pablo

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    4 stroke kit is in the works!
  13. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Which 4 stroke would your kit work with?
    Please give some more detail

  14. sjackson

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    Can't wait for the 4 stroke kit! All the more reason for me to pick up a nuvinci and have wheelmaster lace a wheel around it.
  15. TWalker

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    Im not sure exactly what leaks, there are so many but Ive never identified the worst culprit. I have owned and installed I dont know how many HT's but Ive never seen one that didnt leak somewhere.

    A buddy just dropped by with his and he had powerwashed it and it was leaking from the engine case screw right behind the head/fins on top. Maybe an o ring is order there? Or does that require too much torque?

    BTW this guy is riding his HT from Ruidoso, NM to Plainview starting thursday a 210 mile one way trip.

    Sorry for all the questions but which 4 stroke frame or rack mount? I would highly suggest a rack mount set up as an alternative to Nuvinci, theres a lot more rack mounts than frame mount 4's.
  16. Pablo

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    We do frame mounts.
  17. TWalker

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    The kit makes the engine better though, it renews my interest in frame mounts.

    Provided the 2 stroke one has is not complete junk, balanced well/no excessive vibration etc. The shifter kit and other parts on the site increases usability by 100% for me.

    • The transmission decreases wear on the engines significantly because there is no need to run WOT all the time.

    • Getting rid of the big chain, the sprocket, the white plastic idler wheel and bracket is getting rid of a significant source of trouble and noise.

    Of course adding $200 to the price tag puts one within $200 of a Staton kit.

    But then again Staton doesnt have a shift on the fly tranny unless you want to pay $900.
  18. congratulations !!

    We where messing with a simple two speed system ( left drive side no jack shaft )
    And we put it on the back burner .

    Maybe there is no need for us to re-cook as your Idea looks very good.:cool:

    Very Nice Guys ,,,,,Great Job.


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  19. Pablo

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    Great points TWalker. From both a practical and fun viewpoint it's good to be able to gear any IC engine.

    Here's a bizarre (self) example (quite opposite of assuming a well running engine) - my bike fouled the plug (my castor oil experiment, different thread) - anyway it ran barely. NO power...I was still able to limp home at 15-20 mph by gearing down, jumping around in gears, etc - but no pedal help. Yes it would have run, and yes I could have pedaled. Point being, it must be easier on the engine.
  20. Pablo

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    Thanks Bob - we are shipping the first orders today. To all over the US and AUS.

    Some of the local guys put them on Saturday night after pick-up the same day.

    So far three post launch discoveries:

    1) We are changing a screw entry direction, not a big deal. The screws have a hair longer protrusion due to a spacer change - so the assembler can put the screws in the other direction or just cut/remove the extra screw length.

    2) And rather than purely for 1 1/8" seat tubes, the kit will fit 1 1/4" seat tubes, out of the box or only the most minor material removal to two supplied clamps.

    3) Due to popular demand and the amount of one piece cranks, we are exploring the 3 piece crank swap kit.

    4) Oh yeah, #4 :lol: people are asking for other parts - studs, petcocks, spark plugs, and of course 4 stroke kits, etc. We are pedaling as fast as we can!!:cool: