shifter kit problem


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Jul 13, 2008
Thunder Bay Ontario
has any body that has a shifter kit had this problem on the left metal plate that comes with the kit when riding it wants to bend out wards mine has all most bent all the way off the shaft so i road home real slow put it back in place and put two steel strips across the kit drilled some holes in it and that has seem to fix the problem i will post picture when i get them. if you have had this problem could you tell me what you have done to fix this or why this is happening thanks


A few of our customers have had a similar problem. We have narrowed the cause down to 2 primary reasons, chain alignment and bearing plate alignment. The chain I am referring to is the chain from the jackshaft to the chainring. There is a tendency to not place the small jackshaft sprocket enough to the right. Take a measurement from your seat post to the teeth on the outer chainring, then take a measurement from the seat post to the teeth on the small sprocket. The jackshaft should actually be about 3 mm outside the chainring. The other problem is due to the bearing plates not being aligned correctly. This is primarily due to the variations in the mounting holes on the engine itself. Please send me an email at and I will help you assess your situation and ensure that it gets resolved.
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Sep 19, 2008
computergod - you should contact those guys if you haven't yet. Pablo and Jim are really quick to get back with you and will have an answer. I have two sick shift kits now (plus other goods from them) and while it took me a good day to get the first one fully rigged, the second one went fast and I actually followed the instructions my bikes pull extremely strong, the gears account for 80% of it I swear
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