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This is a brand new still in the box shifter kit for sale. It is $200 firm and is pick up only. I am selling it due to its lack of speed pulling up hills. I have a good mate who has fitted one recently and it runs great on the flat and down hills. The motor hardly revs and is very quiet and smooth. Although the kit will help you up the hills with out pedalling it is only around 20km/hr. I prefer to pedal and have it doing 30-35km/hr. The shift kit will not let you pedal with it up hills as the gearing is too easy when you try to pedal with it. Great product if you live on the flats but not for me in the hills. If you have any further questions shoot me a message, cheers.:)
I don't mean to sound stupid but that makes no sense. If you want to go up hills faster with the shift kit and aim to pedal anyway just stay in a bigger gear and pedal with the motor still assisting.

For what it's worth, we will be making larger front chain rings for the rider using a shift
Kit so you can help power the engine along at higher speeds.

PM me if you are interested.

Hope this helps you.

Not to put words in the guys mouth but I will try and answer a few of your questions. First of all in his post he states that a friend has the kit which is how he can judge the kits performance and I have spoken to this person. Secondly, his statement about not pulling hills is misinterpreted or perhaps unclear. The shift kit does make it so you can climb hills and climb them faster and with more power than with stock gearing. However, these engines in stock form only put out so much horsepower so although you can climb hills you could have never done before it won't be at a very high speed - but certainly above 12 mph! For example Pablo and I both live in quite hilly areas. We both just buzz up the BIG hills well over 20 mph. Again - the engine just doesn't have enough horsepower to go 30+ mph up steep hills but with just a few easy mods as we well know, more speed is available. Some people to maintain a higher speed climbing hills without getting a more powerful engine or modifying the engine, would like to be able pedal assist the bike in any gear at any speed. As he points out due to the arrangement of the gears and the tendency to drop into lower gears to keep the RPM's up, it is difficult to pedal fast enough to assist the engine unless you are good at shifting to a higher gear than one would expect on a hill. So it is more about increasing engine horse power with human power than a gearing issue. We are currently working on altering the arrangement of the gears to allow easier pedal assist but since we have only had 1% of our customers request this it is not something we will integrate into the kit but may be made available as an aftermarket or option. Most people just love torquing up hills in lower gears and not having to pedal at all.
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we are riders people who ride mountain bikes for years.
2 weeks ago we Screaming Emu ,lean Mean ,Lief[spelling not sure[,Steve and myself Wanger rode up throhgh Adelaide hills to Birdwood riding up hiils passing cars doing about 160km round trip without our personal trip to and from Glenelg mine 46km to Glenelg .
about 260km for day of riding
we were able 2 keep a constant unpeddled speed up2 Modury of about 40 -45kph 44t sprockets once we hit the hills it varied but with pedeling 35-40 kph down 2 25-27 kph i think for 1 hill
since then Lean mean has fitted 1 shifter kit and recons we did better on the days riding i have just writen about
hers a pic from day i found while searching after event is that u LEAN


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