Shifter Kit Tip: Rear (pedal) Chain Tension

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Skyliner70cc, Apr 15, 2009.

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    Several weeks ago I complained that one of my shifter bikes would "slip"...engine power would disengage suddently for a split second then re-engage harsly like a slipping clutch. After I ruled out the clutch and freewheel hub (Skyliner and Searcher 34 megatooth freewheel often fail; I've had 3 fail in past year) I took Pablo's advice and shortened my chain by 5 links and that did the trick. Increased chain tension with my new derailleur and new chain is what did the trick. I took the bike out for a 30 minute ride and everything worked great!

    I'm still down on power but I'm fairly certain that the lower end gasket is oversized and partially blocking the transfer ports. This is something I've seen in the past. I'll trim and/or replace the gasket and then upgrade with a high compression head and centrifugal clutch. I'm hooked on the centrifugal clutches and makes the riding experience so much more enjoyable.

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    Any chance you could post a pic of the chain, I would like to see how it lines up. I get that slip every once in a while and want to shorten the chain as well but want to see some examples.

    Also, Where are you getting the clutch? I really am getting to like the one I have on my Skyliner, but that was a new engine with clutch and pull start.
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    Put the chain on the largest sprocket and pull chain away from derailleur to see how much derailleur chain tension movement you have left. Shorten chain so you have about 1/2 of the original derailleur movement left. This ensures you have enough derailleur movement for bike to shift into 1st gear and increases tension when chain is in smaller gears.

    I think I got my clutch from