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  1. Ok MBC,
    I have a problem.
    I need to get different shifters, and need to know what would work,
    and what won't.

    The bike is a mtn bike, GT aggressor 2.0, and now it has those twist indexed shifters
    (one with 3 position, one with 7 position) and a Shimano derailleur.

    I need a system that is more of a "stem mount" or
    downtube mount shifter system.
    I'm looking for the type that has 2 right next to each other.
    I'm wondering if I need to get an indexed style one,
    or if I should just get a friction style. I don't plan on shifting that often, as the motor does most of the work, but it would still be nice to have the possibility
    of shifting when needed.

    I just want to swap these so the shifters will be lower, and less eye catching
    on my chopper bars on the mtn bike.

    Anybody know which style or brand I should try for?

  2. aha , Thumb shifters....

    Actually, I've been looking around, and it seems with my frame and stem,
    neither stem mount nor downtube shifters will mount well.

    I basically need to switch over to thumb shifters from twist shifts.
    The main reason is so I can have the shifters on the sides or bottom
    of my chopper bars.

    I need one which has a malleable or split bar mount so it can can open up wide
    to bypass the wide bends in the bars. My twist shifters aren't large enough
    get around the bends for mounting without getting hung up.

    I guess it's off to ebay I go.
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    Schwinn used to make a set of shifters for the old Varsity's that mounted around the Fork steerer tube under the head set top nut. There were also clamp on versions of this type of shifter back in the 70's & 80's but the shifters were usually plastic. Both of these types would be friction only.
    If you want to maintain your indexing you would need to track down a pair of Shimano 7-speed down tube shifters and a couple of the braze-on fittings and add them to your bike. Depending upon where you are located you may be able to find these typs of parts at a local bike shop. Or there is always e-bay.

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    i got a set of those i guess theyre called friction shifters. theyre metal paddles. if ya want em p.m. me. they came off of a spalding road bike from the 80s mine look just like this but they say spalding, and they mount on the stem.
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  7. Thanks!
    I'm going to see if I win these older shimano deore shifters
    on Ebay, but if I don't , I'd love to try those out.

    How much are you asking?