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  1. Just throwing an idea out there and looking for feedback. I had noticed some interest being able to manually shift a CVT and anticipate hills. What would you think about paring a CVT to a 3 or 7 speed internal hub? The 3 speed are pretty cheap and you can change the driven sprocket on it to a larger one. With it you could trick the CVT in to changing ratios and have a greater range of ratios as well! Probably something I'm missing here that would make this not work haha. Seems like it could relieve some of the strain put on the CVT so the belt would last longer.


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    Breaks All, Just Got Your Pm. I Thought About The Internal Speed Hubs And A Cvt. I Have A Royce Union With 4 Speed Internal Hub. You Could Bolt The Large Sprocket To The Hub Sprocket Using The Hub Sprocket Teeth For Bolt holes. You Could Bolt A Pedal Sprocket On First ( It Needs To Be Large Enough To Clear The Original Sprocket And Bolts ) Then Space The Large Sprocket About 1/4 Inch Away. The Problem Is; You Will Need To Buy Free Wheel Cranks And Bearing And Large Sprocket For The Pedals. This would make a 4 speed shifter with the 5.1 ratio gear box also.
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  3. Thanks for the reply TREE! I just ordered all the parts to build my hub so once I get that together I think I'm going to try this. I'll let you know how it goes

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    If you have a CVT, you could just open the throttle wide a few seconds before you hit the slope - that would cause the CVT ratios to shift in your favor. Unless, of course, you're already at WOT.
  5. What would you think about using the internal hub geared for an overdrive?

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    Personally I don`t think it necessary. But it is all fun. I like to try different things, the challenge so to speak. People alway`s said; he has everything in his shop and two of each.
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    Id like to see pictures and a description when you get it figured out !!